Life Loyal

What is Life Loyal?

Life Loyal is a special program available for all Gamma Phi Beta members to continue their lifelong support of our beloved Sorority while receiving exclusive benefits. By making a one-time payment of $299* you are fulfilling your international alumnae dues obligation for life. Life Loyal supports collegiate and alumnae chapter operations, membership records and technology, REAL Leadership events and production of The Crescent.  

*We are pleased to offer 50-year and above members a reduced one-time membership dues fee of $189.

Life Loyal and International Alumnae Dues: What’s the Difference?

When you became a Gamma Phi Beta you promised to support our Sorority for your lifetime by paying international alumnae dues. Gamma Phi Beta has two convenient ways for you to fulfill your promise and ensure that the lifelong traditions of our organization continue.

Life Loyal
With a one-time payment of $299*** you fulfill your international alumnae dues obligation for life. Life Loyal members also receive exclusive benefits and save more than $1,000 during their lifetime.

International Alumnae Dues
Annual international alumnae dues cost $25 per year* and ensure a one-year subscription** to our award-winning magazine, The Crescent.

We ask you choose the best option for you and support Gamma Phi Beta today!

*Gamma Phi Beta’s fiscal year is August 1 to July 31.

** An International alumnae dues payment ensures a calendar year subscription to The Crescent, starting after the date of payment.

*** Members initiated in or before 1968 receive a discounted fee of  $189.

Why should I join?

This is an exclusive program for members who want to continue to support the growth and lifelong traditions of our organization, all while fulfilling your financial obligation to Gamma Phi Beta. With a one-time dues fee you are contributing to a fund that will help finance membership benefits, like The Crescent, for you and our future members to continue to enjoy. The establishment of this fund alleviates the need to use collegiate resources to fund the Sorority magazine, a mostly alumnae benefit.

With a one-time membership dues fee, Life Loyal members will receive the following exclusive benefits:

  • Receive a continuous subscription to The Crescent, allowing you to receive all print issues of the magazine each year.
  • Satisfy international alumnae dues obligation (a savings of more than $1,000!).*
  • Receive personal recognition on and in The Crescent.
  • Be gifted a handcrafted Life Loyal lapel pin or charm.
  • Receive a personalized Life Loyal membership card.
  • Be gifted a limited-edition gift from our Life Loyal collection.
  • Gain exclusive access to a discount program. Members will enjoy access to wholesale travel pricing on hotels, resorts, cars and more.

Life Loyal members pay a one-time membership dues fee of $299. We are pleased to offer 50-year and above members a reduced one-time membership dues fee of $189.

Continue your lifelong involvement and support of Gamma Phi Beta by signing up today!

Still have questions? Visit our Life Loyal FAQ page to find out more.

*If a Life Loyal membership is purchased for a current collegiate member, Life Loyal dues only cover alumnae dues obligations. Current collegiate members must still meet all financial obligations to their collegiate chapter.