Donor Spotlights

Gamma Phi Beta is who she is today because of donors like you. And, your donation and the reasons you choose to give back to our sisterhood matter. From your very first Gamma Phi Beta experience to your most recent, we want to learn about your membership and why you give to our Foundation. 

Donor Spotlight: Lillian Lammers (Denver)

Lillian Lammers (Denver) is a Gamma Phi Gives Day match donor for the third year in a row. Learn more about what motivates Lillian to serve as a catalyst to get others to give.  

Lillian's Story

Donor Spotlight: Phyllis Choat (Nebraska-Lincoln)

Phyllis Choat (Nebraska-Lincoln) is a dedicated sister and Foundation volunteer. Learn more about what keeps her connected to Gamma Phi and why she makes her gifts through a donor advised fund.   

Phyllis's Story

Donor Spotlight: Hallie Dillon (Alabama)

Why did Hallie Dillion (Alabama) serve as a match donor during Gamma Phi Gives Day? “When Gamma Phi asked, I was honored to help in any way I could.” Read more about Hallie’s donor story and what Gamma Phi Beta means to her.

Hallie's Story

Donor Spotlight: Dr. Judy E. Graham (Oklahoma)

International Vice President Dr. Judy E. Graham (Oklahoma) recently celebrated 50 years of membership and she has been a donor for almost as long. Read more to learn why Judy chooses to give and why she’s serving again as a Gamma Phi Gives Day ambassador in 2023.

Judy's Story

Donor Spotlight: Karen Urette (Oklahoma)

Karen Urette (Oklahoma) has been involved with Gamma Phi Beta since she arrived on the University of Oklahoma campus and walked through the Psi Chapter house in 1961. Since then, she has continued to serve Gamma Phi Beta holding roles ranging from province collegiate director, NPC delegate, alumnae chapter president, Foundation trustee and special recruitment. She has dedicated so much of her time, talent and treasures with Gamma Phi Beta, and we were excited to talk to her about what she loves about Gamma Phi Beta. 

Karen's Story

Donor Spotlight: Remembering Marta Lombardi Brown (Boston, 1947).

A member of the La Jolla Alumnae Chapter, she was a well-loved and highly regarded member of our sisterhood. At a beautiful 96-years old, Marta was full of spunk, vigor and love for Gamma Phi. Marta’s life and legacy were celebrated on January 22, and her dear friend and sister Cinda Lucas (Southern California) was kind enough to share her beautiful eulogy. Read it in the January 2022 issue of the Foundation News.

Marta's Story

Donor Spotlight: Harriet Peterson (Vermont)

Harriet shared that she has been very fortunate throughout her life, and we want to share that we are so fortunate for her – for her loyalty to Gamma Phi and her generosity to the Gamma Phi Beta Foundation. Harriet is Gamma Phi Beta Gives Day’s first match donor, and we can’t wait for you to learn more about her in the January 2022 issue of the Foundation News.

Harriet's Story

Donor Spotlight: Laura Banks (Texas State-San Marcos)

We are so grateful for long time donor of the Foundation Laura Banks (Texas State-San Marcos). Laura’s friends describe her as “the definition of True and Constant”. So why does Laura support the Gamma Phi Beta Foundation? Read more in the October 2021 issue of the Foundation News

Laura's Story

Donor Spotlight: Jennifer Chuang (California-Berkeley)

Jennifer Chuang (California-Berkeley) is a celebrated, longtime donor and member of the 1874 Society. Hear about Jennifer, and why she supports the Gamma Phi Beta Foundation. Thank you, sister!

Jennifer's Story

Donor Spotlight: Susan Schlessman Duncan (Colorado College, 1949)

On June 1, 2019, our beloved sister Sue Susan Maude (Schlessman) Duncan passed away, just days before her 89th birthday. Sue's memorial was attended by many Gamma Phi Betas, from her collegiate sisters to treasured alumnae friends she made through her long-standing Gamma Phi Beta history.

The Gamma Phi Beta Foundation received a $1M planned gift from Sue – one of our largest donations to date. The Sue Schlessman Duncan Scholarship Endowment will be available for an undergraduate member in good standing of any Gamma Phi Beta Chapter in the State of Colorado.

Susan's Story

IMPACT STORY: Shawna Boyles Reed (Northern Arizona)

Shawna is a long-time donor of the Foundation, and she also knows firsthand why sisters helping sisters matters. Learn more about Shawna and her incredible story of how sisterhood turned into motherhood and check out the January 2021 issue of the Foundation News.

Shawna's Story

Donor Spotlight: Cathy Griffin (Louisiana State)

Meet our sister and longtime donor of the Foundation, Cathy Griffin (Louisiana State). Since graduation, Cathy has continued to be a True and Constant sister as a volunteer and donor. Her decorated Gamma Phi Beta history includes helping to charter the Princeton Area Alumnae Chapter, where she remains a member, and serving as a volunteer in the finance, collegiate and alumnae areas. We are so grateful for her Love and Loyalty to our sisterhood!

Cathy's Story