Loyalty Grants

What are Loyalty Grants?

Loyalty Grants are need-based grants available to Gamma Phi Betas who are experiencing unforeseen, extreme financial challenges created by a health crisis, natural disaster or other unexpected life circumstances.

Support Sisters In Need

Our sisters are counting on us collectively. You can help provide immediate funds to those in the greatest need.

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To be eligible for a Loyalty Grant, you must be an initiated and active member of Gamma Phi Beta for a minimum of 6 months.

Thank Yous from Loyalty Grant Recipients

“To receive these funds during such a rough time means more to me than many can even begin to imagine.”

“I cannot even begin to thank the Gamma Phi Beta Foundation enough for how they have helped me during this unimaginably rough time. This sisterhood really does have their members’ best interests in mind and continually looks out for their sisters. Gamma Phi Beta has really shown me love beyond what I had thought it could.”

“I am humbled and extremely grateful for being awarded the Loyalty Grant. Receiving this grant has allowed some financial burden to be lifted. Thank you for helping alleviate some of the hardship that has occurred during these trying times. You have showed how we need to uphold our values of being True and Constant in these troubling times, by always assisting sisters in need and keeping our sisterhood close to our hearts. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it.”