Facilities Management Company

Formed in 2012, The Gamma Phi Beta Facilities Management Company (FMC) is the international housing entity for Gamma Phi Beta, supporting our ever-growing properties and affiliated house corporations.

The FMC is overseen by the Board of Managers who are responsible for the strategic view of the company and ensure the FMC supports the mission and vision of both the FMC and the Sorority. The FMC also provides services to all Gamma Phi Beta affiliated house corporations (AHCs) that range from property management to assistance with renovation projects to fiscal planning to maintaining facility finances.

The FMC owns properties across the United States and has a growing number of chapters enrolled in the FMC Services Program. All new Gamma Phi Beta chapters installed after August 1, 2013, are automatically managed by the FMC, giving our new chapters access to top-notch facilities and resources. 

FMC Mission and Vision

Mission: To foster welcoming, inclusive spaces that promote sisterhood by providing innovative, industry-leading properties and asset management services for Gamma Phi Beta and her members.

Vision: For collegiate Gamma Phi Betas to have access to living, learning or gathering spaces that foster community and belonging.  

FMC Guiding Principles

  • We support and enhance the collegiate experience for our members.
  • We maintain fiscally prudent and operationally sound practices.
  • We provide exceptional volunteer opportunities.
  • We make ethical decisions for the greater good.  

Are you a current or future resident of an FMC Facility? Find answers to common questions, pay your bill and more. 

Information for FMC Residents

FMC staff and volunteers, find all the resources you need to best support Gamma Phi Beta members, provide a quality experience and more.   

Information for Volunteers and Staff