Welcome home!

This month, we welcomed members to Gamma Phi Beta on three new campuses. Welcome to Gamma Phi Beta, University of Florida, Quinnipiac University and Ohio University!

Founders Day - Be Gamma Phi Beta


It’s hard to believe that Founders Day is just around the corner! This Founders Day, we want to celebrate with what it means to #BeGammaPhiBeta.

For the past 141 years, Gamma Phi Beta has developed confident women of character. Gamma Phi Beta will always be there to guide you and support you. Gamma Phi Beta is more than a social group. It’s more than a title. Gamma Phi Beta is part of you.

We are working behind the scenes on a #BeGammaPhiBeta project to celebrate how our Sorority as a whole has shaped us into the individuals we are today. We want to know how Gamma Phi Beta is part of you. 

The Crescent Summer 2015

We Need to Talk About Sexual Assault

In this issue of The Crescent, read articles written by professionals who specialize in sexual assault education, bystander intervention training, survivor advocacy and more.

Recommend a Member

Recommend a Member

Recommend a woman for membership and help Gamma Phi Beta grow with confident women of character! 


Facilities Management Company (FMC)

Learn more about how the FMC is creating safe, inviting Gamma Phi Beta facilities. 

REAL Leadership

Gamma Phi Beta supports and inspires the lifelong development of women with leadership events, programming and tools for every member, at every stage of membership.