Introduce a Potential New Member

You can fill out an introduction form for a potential new member (PNM) by clicking Submit a PNM Introduction Form.

Check out this video tutorial on how to fill out a PNM Introduction Form 

Do you have questions about the PNM Introduction Form? Read our FAQs to learn more!

Submit a PNM Introduction Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PNM Introduction Form?
The PNM Introduction Form is a great way to introduce a PNM to a Gamma Phi Beta chapter. The form provides valuable information about the PNM’s involvement and accomplishments, which helps the chapter have quality conversations with the PNM during recruitment.

What browser should I use?
We recommend you use Chrome for full optimization. Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer can also be used to submit a PNM Introduction Form.

What should I include in the PNM Introduction?
You should provide factual, specific information related to the PNM’s leadership, involvement, community service, work experience and honors. Here is a Sample PNM Introduction Form you can use as a guide.

Why should I write a PNM Introduction?
Writing a PNM Introduction provides an opportunity to introduce the PNM to a Gamma Phi Beta chapter by highlighting specific involvement and experiences the PNM has so the chapter can learn more about her. You can write a PNM Introduction for a PNM whether she has an existing connection to Gamma Phi Beta or is learning about our sisterhood for the first time.

Who can write PNM Introductions?
Anyone can write a PNM Introduction, including Gamma Phi Beta members, non-members and PNMs. By allowing anyone to submit a PNM Introduction, we provide an equal opportunity for any PNM to have a form submitted on their behalf. Collegiate members should contact their chapter for more information.

What does this mean for alumnae? Are they no longer important in Gamma Phi Beta recruitment?
Alumnae are absolutely important to Gamma Phi Beta’s recruitment efforts. We hope that alumnae will welcome the opportunity to complete PNM Introduction Forms and invite others who are not Gamma Phi Betas to do the same.

Our previous system required knowledge of and access to Gamma Phi Beta alumnae in order to introduce potential new members to the organization. Our current approach eliminates those barriers for all PNMs by allowing anyone to complete a PNM introduction form.

When can you submit a PNM Introduction?

PNM Introductions are always valuable. We suggest submitting a PNM Introduction three weeks before the chapter’s primary recruitment process; most chapters and universities publish these dates on their websites. A last-minute PNM Introduction is still much better than no introduction at all. Find the PNM Introduction Form here.

Are PNM Introductions only for primary recruitment?
No. It is increasingly common for chapters to have the opportunity to extend an invitation of membership to a few additional women outside of the primary recruitment period. Submitting a PNM Introduction for a woman can help a chapter identify quality candidates at any time during the school year.

If a PNM receives a PNM Introduction, does she automatically receive a bid?
No. While PNM Introductions are helpful, introduction writers and PNMs must understand a PNM Introduction does not guarantee a bid for membership.

After I write a PNM Introduction, where does it go?
PNM Introductions are delivered electronically to the collegiate chapter’s OmegaRecruit account.

What should I do if I have problems completing the PNM Introduction?
Please email us at indicating the nature of your question. We will be in touch to help.

What information do I need from a PNM before I write a PNM Introduction?
Many PNMs choose to provide additional information like a resume or transcript to the person writing the PNM Introduction. You can also provide the PNM Introduction Form to the PNM who is requesting the introduction, and she can complete it.

I've completed an online PNM Introduction; do I need to send the potential new member's resume or other documentation to the chapter?
No. The chapter gets its most valuable and usable information from what you provided in your PNM Introduction. Additional documentation is not needed.

Can I upload an attachment (i.e., picture, resume, etc.) to the PNM Introduction?
No. The online system we use for the PNM Introduction Form does not provide an option to upload pictures or files.

What happens if I submitted a PNM Introduction to the wrong chapter?
We recommend you fill out a new PNM Introduction Form and submit it to the correct chapter. A PNM Introduction sent to the wrong chapter can be deleted. To do this, email with the PNM’s name and the name of the chapter that received her introduction.