Join Gamma Phi Beta

Are you Interested in Joining a Sorority? 

Meet Gamma Phi Beta! When you join Gamma Phi, you enter an organization focused on friendship, personal development and setting our members up for success in college and beyond. We offer a home-away-from-home while providing access to leadership, academic and service opportunities.

Read on to learn why Gamma Phi Beta is the best way to elevate your college experience.  

Why Go Gamma Phi?

Make your forever friends.

Gamma Phi Beta gives you a place to form deep connections that will last a lifetime. From our new member experience to our Big/Little program and countless committees, events and opportunities you will develop intimate friendships with women who share your values. 

Get connected quickly on campus
Our members are leaders on their campus and can ease your transition to college. Join a group of in-the-know sisters who can answer your questions and point you in the directions you need to go. 

Impact your community and the world.

Through our partnership with Girls on the Run, Gamma Phi Betas participate in community service and philanthropic endeavors. The volunteer opportunities provided by Girls on the Run allow our members to make a big impact in their local community, while raising funds that benefit Girls on the Run International.

Set yourself up for success, now and in the future.

The leadership and learning opportunities offered by Gamma Phi Beta prepare our members to excel in college and their post-graduate plans. Whether you hold an executive board position, chair a committee, or make a connection with an alumna, your Gamma Phi Beta experience will give you the skills and access needed to succeed.

Experience all that college has to offer — and more!

Gamma Phi Betas are connected to their campus in a way that enhances all aspects of their collegiate life. We care deeply about academics, post-graduation success and creating fulfilling relationships. 

How To Join

If you attend or will attend a school with a Gamma Phi Beta chapter:

Gamma Phi Beta collegiate chapters participate in a process called recruitment. Recruitment can look different campus to campus:

  • Fully Structured Recruitment: Your campus will organize a specific time and place for sororities to host recruitment events and you must register to participate. This is often called formal or primary recruitment. During recruitment, you will have the opportunity to meet all the sororities participating in recruitment. You will continue to visit fewer sororities each day until your final round. Recruitment culminates in a Bid Day, where all the sororities offer invitations to join their chapters simultaneously.
  • Partially Structured Recruitment: Your campus will work with its sororities to advertise their recruitment events that will be held around the same time as each other and you must register to participate. You may choose to visit the sororities that are of interest to you. Recruitment culminates in a bid day, where all the sororities offer bids simultaneously.
  • Continuous Recruitment or COB: Your campus’ sororities choose to hold recruitment events when and how often they see fit. You may or may not be required to register to attend sorority recruitment events. Sororities offer bids on a timeline that works for them.

Need help learning how to register for sorority recruitment? We can help you find the registration link for your campus or you can reach out to the Office of Student Life or the Office of Fraternity and Sorority life on your campus!

Not sure if you have a Gamma Phi Chapter on your campus?

We invite you to find a chapter near you. If you are a graduating high school senior or current college student, complete this form and learn what it is like to be a Gamma Phi Beta from one of our members. 

If you are not able to join a collegiate chapter of Gamma Phi Beta:

We have an alumnae initiate program for qualified women who may have never attended college, attended a college or university without a sorority community or never became an initiated member of a National Panhellenic Conference sorority while in college. 

More About Gamma Phi Beta

Now that you've told us about you and you're in the know about sorority life, let's dive deeper into Gamma Phi Beta. Learn more about us, our philanthropy and member programs using the following buttons. You can also learn more about what it is like to be a new member, an initiated member and alumna of Gamma Phi Beta.


Yes! Involvment with other organizations on your campus is not only allowed, it's encouraged! Many new members are introduced to different campus groups via their Gamma Phi Beta sisters, giving them an inside glimpse into other organizations before they join. 

Yes. Many of our Gamma Phi Beta members also have jobs while balancing their academic workload and co-curricular activities.

While each chapter is going to have their own local fees, you can visit our Membership Dues and Fees page to learn about the financial expectations for members.  

Hazing is prohibited in any chapter of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority. Gamma Phi Beta Sorority defines hazing as any act or behavior whether physical, mental, emotional or psychological, which subjects a person, voluntarily or involuntarily, to discomfort, abuse, mistreatment, degradation, humiliation, harassment, embarrassment or intimidation, or which may in any fashion compromise her inherent human dignity irrespective of member/new member status. Chapters, members and new members must follow all laws and university policies regarding hazing. You can read more on our policy against hazing here.

For Family and Friends

Gamma Phi Beta cultivates its members with unique opportunities in leadership, scholarship, service and lifelong friendship. Our Sorority provides a rich and rewarding collegiate experience for women, filled with an exceptional blend of opportunities to empower members from college onward.

Once a member graduates, she will have formed lifelong friendships and will continue to receive support as an alumna through the Sorority's alumnae chapters. Gamma Phi Beta Sorority is committed to helping our members achieve their greatest potential at every stage in life!

As a family or friend of a Gamma Phi Beta, we invite you to be a part of your daughter’s journey. Learn more about the collegiate member experience, terms you might hear or read, membership dues, and more.  

Learn More

Membership Eligibility Position Statement

Gamma Phi Beta is an organization that is rooted in fraternal values and is committed to the promotion of inclusion among our members. Any woman shall be eligible for membership, provided she is currently enrolled in a college or university where there is a collegiate chapter and she is not, nor has been, an initiated member of an existing National Panhellenic Conference fraternity/sorority. Gamma Phi Beta seeks individuals for membership who aspire to live our Core Values of Love, Labor, Learning and Loyalty and want to achieve individual worth, intellectual growth, service to humanity and lifetime commitment to our sisterhood.

In an effort to give meaning to the concept of an “all-women” sorority and to give guidance to those making decisions about eligibility for membership, the word “woman” should be interpreted as anyone who identifies as a woman.