About BEDI

Gamma Phi Beta is committed to creating a more just, equitable and loving sisterhood through our belonging, equity, diversity and inclusion (BEDI) framework.

So, what exactly do these words mean? Scroll to find the definitions we use to create a shared understanding of these concepts as well as a framework that guides how we think about BEDI in Gamma Phi Beta. You will also find Gamma Phi Beta’s shared definition of social justice. 


Belonging is exemplified in Gamma Phi Beta when members share and experience both greater belief in themselves as individuals and connection to something larger than themselves. Belonging can be experienced individually, within social circles, on the chapter level or broadly within Gamma Phi Beta.

Equity is exemplified in Gamma Phi Beta when members are provided fair access to the type and quantity of resources individually necessary to have the same opportunities.

Diversity is exemplified in Gamma Phi Beta when members embrace and honor a multiplicity of both individual and shared experiences, values, beliefs and characteristics.

Inclusion is exemplified in Gamma Phi Beta when members intentionally bring historically excluded and marginalized individuals and/or groups into processes, activities, decision/policy making, and sharing of power in a way that empowers and celebrates individual/group diversity.

Social justice is exemplified in Gamma Phi Beta when members actively practice allyship and coalition work in order to promote equality, equity, respect and the assurance of rights within and between communities and social groups.


This model helps us understand how to engage in BEDI work and informs how we think about making change in each BEDI area.

You’ll notice that this model describes outcomes that are achieved when diversity, equity and inclusion are pursued on their own, when two of these pillars are pursued at the same time and when all three pillars are pursued simultaneously. While meaningful outcomes can be achieved when diversity, equity and inclusion are pursued individually or in tandem with one other pillar, the only way to achieve belonging is to pursue all three pillars.  

Model adapted from the Turner Consulting Group, “Winning at the Intersection of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.” 

Shared Change

To learn more about the history of BEDI in Gamma Phi Beta as well as the Sorority’s ongoing BEDI efforts, visit GammaPhiBeta.org/PrioritiesAndActionPlan.

Priorities and Action Plan


Each of us experience our social identities differently. For some, connecting with others who share similar social identities provides a meaningful source of support and sisterhood. To connect with sisters within a shared social group, consider requesting to join one or more of the following affinity groups.

BEDI Conversations

Recently, Vice President Lillian Lammers (Denver) and International President Autumn L. Hansen (Idaho) sat down to talk about international Gamma Phi Beta’s BEDI work, and they welcome you to listen to that conversation.