Financial Aid

Endowments are uniquely impactful because of the perpetual support they provide. Sisters, friends and families establish endowments as a legacy to an individual, for an area of passion or need and in support of programs and services. Our endowments vary widely. Some benefit a specific chapter, provide financial aid to members in need, support leadership education or allow for unrestricted support for current areas of greatest need. Every endowment held by the Gamma Phi Beta Foundation makes a meaningful difference. 

Financial aid is made possible due to the generosity of our donors.

List of Financial Aid Endowments


Applications for the 2024-25 school year have closed. 


Scholarships are available to Gamma Phi Betas who will continue their undergraduate education for the upcoming academic year.


Fellowships are available to Gamma Phi Betas who have been accepted and enrolled in a graduate program for the upcoming academic year.

Tips Before Starting Your Application

  • References must be received by the application deadline of March 1, 2024 at 11:59 PM MT. Plan ahead to secure your references before this deadline.  
  • Required sections are marked with a red asterisk. You cannot fully submit the application without filling out the required fields. You can save and come back to a question at any time, but it must be filled in prior to submission.
  • Watch our video on how to complete your application.
  • You can edit the application as many times as you need until you fully submit the application.
  • Once you click the Submit button, you cannot edit or access your application. If you have made an erroneous error, you may contact the Foundation via email and request an addendum to your application. 

Review the resources below for samples of the application to help prepare your materials. 

How To Apply For A Scholarship or Fellowship


You will need at least one reference from a Gamma Phi Beta alumna.

Your second reference can be whoever you think will best speak on your behalf.

  • This can be a professor, an employer, community leader or another Gamma Phi Beta.

We ask your reference to address your academics and service to campus, community and Gamma Phi Beta.

You will input the references’ contact information on your application, so be sure you get their best email address.

Let them know when you will complete the application so they can be on the lookout for the email to complete your reference.

Have an estimate of your expenses for the year.

  • Your total estimated expenses for the year can include tuition, room and board, books, supplies, transportation, loan fees and miscellaneous educational expenses.

Have an estimate of your income for the year.

  • This should include any federal grants, federal loans, private loans, other scholarships, college-savings (529) plan pay outs, third-party sponsors and family and/or personal payments that will apply toward your expenses for the school year.

All our awards are given out in U.S. dollars. If you are attending a school that uses a currency other than the U.S. dollar, please convert your amounts prior to inputting them on the application.

We cannot accept any other file types (e.g., images, Word documents, etc.).

We will ask for you to also input your grade point average.

  • The grade point average you enter must match the cumulative grade point average reported on your most current transcript; do not round or truncate. If you attend a Canadian university, please convert your grade to a four-point scale.

Please ensure the PDF copy of your transcript is a complete transcript that lists courses taken, grades, semester grade point average and credit hours received.

  • Most schools have these available for you to download via your student portal.
  • If you are unsure about how to obtain a transcript from your school, please reach out to your school’s records office for help.

Be sure to include positions from:

  • Gamma Phi Beta.
  • Panhellenic.
  • Your campus.
  • Your community (are you a Girls on the Run coach? Tell us!).

One about your career and academic goals. Share what elements support those goals, such as:

  • Personal qualities.
  • Volunteer experiences.
  • Work related history.
  • Accomplishments.
  • Honors and awards.

One about your definition of Gamma Phi Beta. Review the Member Competencies and select the one you identify with most. Explain how it has impacted you and your Gamma Phi Beta experience.

Scholarship and Fellowship Thank You Notes

Scholarships and fellowships are made possible by the generous sisters and friends of Gamma Phi Beta. These donors made financial gifts to the Foundation, endowing a financial aid award(s) for members.

Gamma Phi Beta scholarships and fellowships help our sisters continue their education and accomplish their goals. Read a few of our recipients thank you letters.

Read Thank You Letters