Life Loyal FAQ

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What is Life Loyal?
Life Loyal is a special program available for all Gamma Phi Beta members to continue their lifelong support of our beloved Sorority while receiving exclusive benefits. By making a one-time payment of $299* Life Loyal membership fulfills international alumnae dues obligations for life.

*We are pleased to offer Gamma Phi Betas who initiated in or before 1972, a reduced one-time membership dues fee of $189.

What are my financial obligations as an alumna?
At the time of Initiation, every Gamma Phi Beta signs our Loyalty Pledge where each member accepts three lifetime obligations to our Sorority: to recommend women for membership, to remain actively involved and to always meet financial obligations. Financial obligations are dues – both at the collegiate and alumnae level. International alumnae dues are currently $25 annually.

Can I Talk to Someone at International Headquarters?
Yes! You can email us or call International Headquarters at 303.799.1874 and we will answer any questions you have*.

*Please allow 5-7 business days for staff to address your inquiry.

Don’t I automatically become a Life Loyal member after graduation?
Upon graduation all members become a valued alumna member of Gamma Phi Beta. The Life Loyal program is an additional way for an alumna member to fulfill her financial obligations and have an increased level of connection with the organization.

How Can I Support a Graduating Senior?
You can support this year’s graduating seniors with a Life Loyal membership ($299) or paying for her international alumnae dues for the next fiscal year (August 1, 2022, to July 31, 2023).

Do I have to know the graduating senior?
No! If you do not know a graduating senior, you can still help. Simply choose the collegiate chapter you would like to support when filling out the payment form and International Headquarters staff will take care of the rest.

If you do know the graduating senior you would like to sponsor, please use this payment form.

Can I support more than one graduating senior?
Yes! When filling out the payment form, enter how many graduating seniors you would like to support. The form will populate the total cost at checkout.

What happens after I sponsor a senior?
Seniors who receive a sponsored payment of international alumnae dues or Life Loyal membership are notified via email from International Headquarters staff letting them know of the sponsorship. Seniors are informed about what the sponsorship means for them and next steps. Your name and email will only be shared if you give consent.

If you know the graduating senior and would like the gift to remain a surprise, please contact us.

Can I remain anonymous when sponsoring a senior?
Absolutely! Should you choose to remain anonymous, simply select this option on your payment form.

How will the senior receive the Life Loyal package?
Seniors who have received a sponsored Life Loyal membership will be asked for their shipping preferences in the notification email from International Headquarters. At that time staff will find out their Life Loyal gift preference (lapel pin or charm).

I am an active collegiate member. Can I still become a Life Loyal member?
Yes! All members who sign up will receive their membership package regardless if they are a collegiate member or alumna member. Since collegiate members are active dues-paying members they will continue to receive The Crescent and the continuous subscription only offered through Life Loyal will officially begin after they become an alumna member. Senior collegiate members are encouraged to sign up upon their graduation to continue to receive membership benefits like a full subscription to The Crescent.

If a Life Loyal membership is purchased for a current collegiate member, Life Loyal dues only cover alumnae dues obligations.

Current collegiate members must still meet all financial obligations to their collegiate chapter.

What is the cost?
Life Loyal members pay a one-time membership fee of $299. A discounted membership dues fee of $189 is available for members who have been initiated for 50 years or more*.

*Members who were initiated in or before 1972 qualify for this discount.

Will I still pay international alumnae dues each year?
Life Loyal members no longer need to pay international alumnae dues, which are currently $25 each year. A Life Loyal membership is another way for members to fulfill their financial promise to Gamma Phi Beta in one, easy payment. This special program was created to help members – like you – save during their lifetime.

Members of alumnae chapters will continue to pay their local annual alumnae chapter dues separately.

Is my Life Loyal membership fee tax deductible?
No part of the Life Loyal membership fee is tax deductible.

Where does the membership fee go? 
Life Loyal helps fund collegiate and alumnae chapter operations, membership records and technology, REAL Leadership events and the production of The Crescent – all which help provide positive member experiences.

Why is The Crescent a benefit of Life Loyal? Don’t all members receive the magazine automatically?
Due to the rising costs of printing and postage, we find that it isn’t fair for our collegiate members to have to shoulder the majority of the costs of a mostly alumnae-used membership benefit. Life Loyal membership dues fees are placed into a fund to help cover the costs for years to come.

I just want to receive The Crescent without becoming a Life Loyal member.
Collegiate members, Life Loyal members and alumnae members who pay their international alumnae dues, either individually or through a local alumnae chapter, receive a copy of The Crescent each year. 

Can I give this membership as a gift?
Yes! Life Loyal makes a great gift for any Gamma Phi Beta. Due to the large amount of orders during the holiday and graduation season please allow adequate time for processing and shipping of the Life Loyal membership package. Give the gift of Life Loyal here.

How do I sign up?
Click here to join today! You may also pay your international alumnae dues by clicking here. Or, give the gift of Life Loyal by clicking here.

Payment options accepted: Visa, MasterCard or check made out to Gamma Phi Beta Sorority sent to the following address.

Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

P.O. Box 731592
Dallas, TX 75373-1592

Please allow additional processing time if paying by check.

When will I receive my Life Loyal membership package in the mail?
Please allow for a couple of weeks for us to mail the items to you. During busy times such as graduation seasons and the holiday season, your order should be placed at least one month in advance. For example, if you would like your membership package before December 25 please place your order before November 25*.

*During the holiday season, please allow additional time for processing and shipment of your Life Loyal gift.

I lost one of my Life Loyal gifts. Can I purchase a new Life Loyal pin or charm?
Please email us to inquire about a replacement pin or charm.

I just want to pay my $25 international alumnae dues. How do I do that?
You may choose to pay your international alumnae dues online by clicking here.