Building Strong Girls


Gamma Phi Beta is passionate about our philanthropic focus because we know today's girls face more challenges than ever, making the need for a safe place with supportive mentors even greater. Girls need women in their lives who can help them develop the skills to succeed in life. Gamma Phi Betas are those women.

Building Strong Girls is proactive.

Gamma Phi Beta's philanthropic focus doesn't just address an existing challenge — we are Building Strong Girls to proactively provide opportunities for long-term success by inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.  

Building Strong Girls is local.

In every community there are ways for chapters to provide girls the support they need to bolster their ability to believe in themselves and understand their value and potential.  

Building Strong Girls is unlimited.

From physical fitness to tutoring and mentoring to supporting local organizations that empower and teach girls life-enriching skills, Building Strong Girls provides many opportunities for involvement. 

Actively Support Building Strong Girls

There are several ways for you to serve as a role model to girls in your community – from mentoring to coaching and charitable giving. Whether you’re a Gamma Phi Beta or close to one and want to support our Building Strong Girls movement, we encourage you to get involved at the local level. Two ways to do so include volunteering with our philanthropic partner, Girls on the Run International, and supporting a collegiate chapter by attending, participating in or donating through their signature Moonball tournament. Learn more about our philanthropy

Share Your Building Strong Girls Story

Every single Gamma Phi Beta has made an impact on a girl in their community through being a mentor, friend and leader. Just like every Gamma Phi Beta has a strong woman in their life who’s inspired them.

To help the Building Strong Girls movement, we want to hear your story. How have you been impacted and how have you made an impact?

Join the Movement and Tell Us

Girls on the Run Support

Are you a Girls on the Run Council that needs support or contact information for a Gamma Phi Beta chapter? Tell us about your Council and upcoming needs and we'll connect you our collegiate and alumnae chapters near you! 

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