Dinner with 12 Sisters

Dinner with 12 Sisters is a one-night, low-pressure, sisterhood-bonding experience that will allow you to meet and connect with sisters in your local community over a meal. Your only commitment is to arrive at dinner at the specified time and have a great night with sisters celebrating our True and Constant sisterhood!

There is a fee associated with the event that covers the cost of your meal; any purchase of alcohol for the event is excluded.

Join us February 23-26, 2023 for a Dinner with 12 Sisters! Dinner locations and registration will be available early January 2023.

Would you like to host a future event? Let us know!

Hosting a Dinner with 12 Sisters

Would you like to host a dinner next year? We are looking for hosts for the next round of Dinner with 12 Sisters and hope that you are a fit. Use the following form so that we can get your table ready!

Hosts are responsible for planning and coordinating the entire evening. Expenses for food and light d├ęcor will be reimbursed to the hosts (from the registration fees collected). Alcohol purchases will not be reimbursed, so hosts can either provide alcohol at their own expense, ask members to bring alcohol or have members pay their own alcohol tabs at a restaurant. 

We are looking forward to learning about your interest in hosting a Dinner with 12 Sisters!

Join the Waitlist

Did your event location sell out before you could reserve a seat? We encourage you to join the waitlist.

Completing this form also us allows to gauge interest in your area and can help us in planning for future events.