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The Facilities Management Company (FMC) is able to achieve its mission through the work of dedicated facility staff and volunteers. Staff in FMC-owned properties, like facility directors, are responsible for creating an inviting chapter facility for our members. The facility director oversees facility maintenance and supervision of staff (if applicable) and cultivates positive relationships with chapter members and vendors.

Gamma Phi Beta facilities not owned by the FMC are often managed by Affiliated House Corporations (AHCs). AHCs are composed of volunteers and collegiate officers who manage the property, assist with renovation projects and maintain facility finances. 

Volunteer Opportunities


FMC Financial Services Program

Our dedicated AHC volunteers work to maintain the high-quality living standards we hold for all Gamma Phi Beta facilities. Managing a facility can be overwhelming, whether a stand-alone sorority house or a specified sorority space, such as a suite, dorm floor or meeting room.

The FMC provides different levels of support and resources to our AHCs ensure that all Gamma Phi Beta facilities are welcoming and competitive. AHCs have the opportunity to join the FMC’s service program.  

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