Member Competencies

Gamma Phi Beta is proud of the educational programming we offer for our members. What makes Gamma Phi Beta’s educational programming unique is that all of our programming is centered on our member competencies.

So, what is a competency? It’s a description of knowledge, skills or abilities that a person should be able to demonstrate. And our member competencies were designed with one goal in mind: to develop women who are not only great Gamma Phi Betas, but confident leaders, active community members and well-rounded women.

Gamma Phi Beta’s member competencies apply to women at all stages of membership within the organization, from Bid Day to alumnae membership to service at the highest levels of the Sorority. Our focus on developing members as whole people, not just Sorority women, sets us apart.

Click here if you would like a PDF copy of our member competencies and their definitions.

Be Yourself

Self-Awareness: She can identify her personal beliefs, her strengths and weaknesses and engages in thoughtful reflection on who she wants to be.

Confidence: She believes in herself and her ability to make decisions, take actions and achieve positive results.

Resiliency: She perseveres through challenging situations and uses healthy strategies to bounce back from difficult events.

Grow with Others

Communication: She is prepared, thoughtful, engaged and reflective when taking in information and communicating with others.

Teamwork: She can identify attributes of a healthy relationship and contributes individually in creating a positive team dynamic.

Mentorship: She uses her experience to guide and coach other individuals.

Diversity and Inclusion: She celebrates her personal identity and demonstrates respect and appreciation for individuals with identities different than her own.

Lead Your Community

Philanthropic Spirit: She generously donates her time, skills, talent and financial resources to causes important to her and the organization.

Community Participation: She is an active citizen and uses her involvement to enrich and benefit the communities to which she belongs.

Learn for a Lifetime

ΓΦΒ Knowledge: She knows the history, current initiatives and future goals of the Sorority and uses her knowledge to make decisions that reflect organizational values and priorities.

Critical Thinking: She is analytical, thoughtful, curious and objective in exploring new ideas prior to forming an opinion or decision.

Applied Learning: She makes connections between different ideas and concepts, applies knowledge and skills to solve complex problems.

Personal Excellence: She strives for continued personal growth and challenges herself to reach high levels of achievement in all areas of her life.