Member Programs

Gamma Phi Beta helps our members realize their full potential by offering forward-thinking programs, tools and opportunities to become constructive, engaged leaders and contributors to the greater community. 


Gamma Phi Beta provides comprehensive member education through Fidelity programming. Fidelity is a combination of online lessons and in-chapter programs intended to educate all members on life skills and Sorority policies and procedures. Each of the Fidelity online lessons are hosted through Gamma Phi Beta's learning management system (LMS). All Fidelity programs incorporate findings from the Sorority’s research on sisterhood and what strengthens relationships. Members participate in our Fidelity for new members program following Bid Day to learn about Gamma Phi Beta’s rich history, the benefits of members and lifelong sisterhood. Participation in Fidelity for initiated members is an expectation of all members each year with topics around alcohol awareness, personal and professional relationship development, hazing prevention, digital leadership, diversity and inclusion and our philanthropic focus of Building Strong Girls.

Fidelity is funded in part by the Gamma Phi Beta Foundation. We extend our sincere gratitude to the Foundation and the many generous donors that allow the Sorority to create this programming. 

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Academic Support

Gamma Phi Beta is committed to positively contributing to our members’ learning and development. We empower members and chapters to promote and support scholastic success through our academic points program. The education vice president or the academics chairwoman are responsible for managing the academic points program within each collegiate chapter. 

Our Academics Philosophy

Collegiate members will be supported academically.
Collegiate members are students first. Involvement in Gamma Phi Beta should encourage an individual’s academic success.

Collegiate members are empowered to take responsibility for their own academic endeavors, including seeking out necessary campus support.
Members are empowered to achieve in their academic course of study. While the collegiate chapter will provide guidance, members will use campus resources for specialized support.

Collegiate members will focus on being responsible, ethical, authentic and lifelong learners.
Learning is a lifetime commitment that extends beyond the classroom. To promote this, Gamma Phi Beta will encourage and reward members’ participation in high impact learning such as internships, externships and undergraduate research.

REAL Wellness

REAL Wellness is a program designed to engage Gamma Phi Beta members in discussions about a variety of topics. With a focus on developing members who are responsible, ethical, authentic and lifelong leaders, REAL Wellness programs cover topics designed to promote the physical, spiritual and mental wellness of our members. The REAL Wellness chairwoman is responsible for coordinating the chapter’s REAL Wellness Week, a program designed to engage chapters in a weeklong educational and awareness campaign on a topic of the chapter’s choice. While the topics vary from campus to campus, all Gamma Phi Beta chapters host one REAL Wellness Week annually. Gamma Phi Beta’s REAL Wellness Week meets the unique needs of our chapters and campus communities.

Hazing and Harassment

Federal, state and local laws regarding hazing and harassment will be obeyed by all members and new members of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority. Gamma Phi Beta views any form of hazing and harassment as contrary to the mission and purpose of the organization. Hazing and harassment in any form is prohibited in any chapter of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority.

It is every initiated and uninitiated member’s responsibility to eliminate hazing from chapter life. Any member who witnesses or experiences an act of hazing should immediately call the Anti-Hazing Hotline at 888.NOT.HAZE (888.668.4293).

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