What is Life Loyal?

Life Loyal is a special program available for all Gamma Phi Beta members to continue their lifelong support of our beloved Sorority while receiving exclusive benefits. By making a one-time payment of $299* you are fulfilling your international alumnae dues (currently $25 per year) obligation for life. Life Loyal supports collegiate and alumnae chapter operations, membership records and technology, REAL Leadership events and production of The Crescent. To learn more about Life Loyal and the financial obligations of our members, see our FAQs.

*We are pleased to offer Gamma Phi Betas who initiated in or before 1970, a reduced one-time membership dues fee of $189.

Start Your Life Loyal Journey!

Life Loyal isn’t just a way for members to save money and receive exclusive benefits! It is a great opportunity for you to continue your Gamma Phi Beta experience. Here’s a breakdown of Life Loyal ($299/once*) compared to international alumnae dues ($25/annually). 

Life Loyal

  • One-time payment of $299
  • Fulfill international alumnae dues for life
  • Never pay international alumnae dues again
  • Lifetime subscription to The Crescent
  • Access to Confident Women of Character series
  • Potential savings of more than $1,000 during your lifetime
  • Receive membership package with exclusive Life Loyal gifts: lapel pin or charm and tri-colored keychain
  • Access to descount travel program, Snazzy Traveler ($99 value)

International Alumnae Dues

  • Annual payment of $25
  • Fulfill international alumnae dues for current fiscal year*
  • Pay international alumnae dues again on August 1, 2020
  • Yearlong subscription to The Crescent**
  • Access to Confident Women of Character series

Have questions? Visit our FAQs page!

*We are pleased to offer members initiated in or before 1970 a discounted membership fee of $189.

Join Life Loyal

Investing in our Dues Payers

We’re excited to announce a new opportunity for alumnae members who are current on international alumnae dues or are Life Loyal – our Confident Women of Character series. Starting in January 2020, Gamma Phi Beta is providing monthly webinars focused on life skills from budgets to mortgage tips and career skills. To gain access to these webinars, join Life Loyal or pay your international alumnae dues today!

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Why should I join?

Life Loyal Gamma Phis support the growth and lifelong traditions of our organization while fulfilling their international alumnae dues obligation. When you become Life Loyal with a one-time payment of $299*, you are contributing to a fund that will help finance membership benefits, like The Crescent, for you and our future members to continue to enjoy. The establishment of this fund alleviates the need to use collegiate resources to fund the Sorority magazine, a mostly alumnae benefit.

Exclusive Benefits
As a Life Loyal member you will:

  • Receive a continuous subscription to The Crescent, allowing you to receive all print issues of our award-winning lifestyle magazine each year.
  • Satisfy your international alumnae dues obligation for life (a savings of more than $1,000!)**.
  • Receive personal recognition on GammaPhiBeta.org and in The Crescent.
  • Gain exclusive access to Snazzy Traveler, a discount travel program. Members will enjoy access to wholesale travel pricing on hotels, resorts, cars and more.

Upon signup, you will receive a Life Loyal package including:

  • A handcrafted Life Loyal lapel pin or charm.
  • The limited-edition gift from our Life Loyal collection.

Honor your membership and commitment to Gamma Phi Beta and join today!

Still have questions? Visit our Life Loyal FAQ page to find out more.

*Members initiated in or before 1970 pay a reduced Life Loyal dues fee of $189.

**If a Life Loyal membership is purchased for a current collegiate member, Life Loyal dues only cover alumnae dues obligations. Current collegiate members must still meet all financial obligations to their collegiate chapter.