Karen Urette – Donor Spotlight 

Karen Urette (Oklahoma) has been involved with Gamma Phi Beta since she arrived on the University of Oklahoma campus and walked through the Psi Chapter house in 1961. Since then, she has continued to serve Gamma Phi Beta holding roles ranging from province collegiate director, NPC delegate, alumnae chapter president, Foundation trustee and special recruitment. She has dedicated so much of her time, talent and treasures with Gamma Phi Beta, and we were excited to talk to her about what she loves about Gamma Phi Beta. 

Tell me a little about what led you to Gamma Phi Beta and what keeps you connected?

Definitely our members. Whether an alumna or a brand-new member, our sisters inspire me with their love and dedication to our sisterhood. I first became involved when an alumnae chapter was forming in Tampa as a charter member and the chapter’s president. A few years later, I received a surprise phone call from Grand Council Collegiate Vice President (now known as International Council Vice President) Randy Stevens Guerra (California State-Long Beach), asking me to be the province collegiate director for the southeastern province. She was so charming and persuasive that I quickly said yes — one of the best yeses I’ve ever said!

What inspired you to make an IRA gift to the Foundation?

Ever since I said yes to Randy’s inquiry, I’ve served in a wide variety of positions with Gamma Phi, including most recently as a Foundation Trustee. And during that time, I realized how crucial alumnae support is for our members. Whether donating time or treasures, our alumnae are the key to our continued success as a supportive, successful women’s organization. I’ve been fortunate to support Gamma Phi with both my time and treasures, but the years are passing, and the day will come when I will “retire” from active involvement. The Foundation’s Tau Epsilon Pi Society inspired me to use my IRA to extend my involvement long after that time.

Why did you choose to use your IRA for this gift?

An IRA is an excellent financial vehicle to support a nonprofit organization. For our sisters who have IRAs, I highly recommend they consider including Gamma Phi Beta in their IRA estate planning.

What made you want to support scholarships?

Scholarships for our sisters are crucial. Many members work one or more jobs to pay for their membership, school and/or rent. I’ve known sisters who tearfully had to give up their Gamma Phi Beta membership because they did not have the financial ability to remain a member. By providing our sisters-in-need with scholarships, we allow them to stay involved in Gamma Phi and become future leaders within and outside our Sorority.

What would you say to others who are considering making a gift to Gamma Phi Beta?

To quote Nike — “Just Do It!”