1907: Convention – The Founders Reunited

1907 Conventioneers.

The 1907 Convention, held in Syracuse on November 12-15, was a joyous one for everyone who attended. Though Frances wrote later that she was recovering from a serious illness and “almost broken hearted over the death of my oldest son,” she attended at her family’s urging. All four of Gamma Phi Beta’s Founders were there, the first time they had been together at a function for many years.

Their photographs appeared on the banquet program and Irma Schoeplin (Syracuse, 1903) wrote to a friend, “I had never realized that they were so fine-looking — perhaps not beautiful, but very handsome, taller than I expected, dressed in black silk, greeting each of us with dignity and gracious charm. What a privilege to see them.”

Alpha Chapter (Syracuse) submitted a letter to The Crescent that undoubtedly echoed the sentiments of all the awestruck young ladies in the presence of Gamma Phi Beta’s Founders. The letter read, “As we sat, after the banquet, listening to our brilliant toastmistress, Austie Taylor Goreth (Syracuse, 1889), heard the gracious thrilling words of Helen Dodge Ferguson,

and the expressed desire of Miss Ross that Gamma Phi Beta should always stand for the noblest and best, it was good to look about the room and see its fulfillment in the faces of so many who are ‘looking up, lifting up, and lending a hand’ seven or eight days in every week.” Sadly, it would be the last time all four Founders would be together.

Convention 1907 Banquet Program Cover

Convention “Tally-Ho” Ride, given by Delta Upsilon Fraternity, 1907.

The Founders at 1907 Convention. Left to right: Mary A. Bingham, E. Adeline Curtis, Frances E. Haven, Helen M. Dodge.