Delta Psi Chapter (California-Santa Barbara)

Delta Psi Chapter was installed at the University of California-Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara, California, on November 19, 1983.

On April 14, 1983, Delta Psi Chapter (California-Santa Barbara) was colonized at Christ Lutheran Church in Goleta, California, by Delta Theta Chapter (California Polytechnic State). Responsible for the colonization was Director of Expansion Karen Wander Kline (Iowa State), assisted by Lois Kirchner Abbott-Jacobs (San Jose State) and Terri Telles Donnelly (California Polytechnic State).

Installation took place at the convention center of the Miramar Hotel, when 47 charter members were initiated by Delta Delta Chapter (California State-Fullerton) under the direction of the Assistant Ritual Chairman Cindy Anderson. The expansion supervisor directed the pledge training of the colony. Delta Psi Chapter (California-Santa Barbara) President Brooke Bailey Alava (California-Santa Barbara) accepted the charter from Grand President* Ann Mullen Bronsing (Indiana State).

*Grand President is now known as International President.

Some of Delta Psi Chapter’s charter members in 1983.