Scholarships and Fellowships Thank You Notes

Scholarships and fellowships are made possible by the generous sisters and friends of Gamma Phi Beta. These donors made financial gifts to the Foundation, endowing a financial aid award(s) for members.

Gamma Phi Beta scholarships and fellowships help our sisters continue their education and accomplish their goals. Read a few of our recipients thank you letters.

Victoria Smith (Tennessee-Chattanooga) 

Area of Study: Business Administration 

Award: Virginia Forsythe Vint Scholarship and Fellowship Endowment

“This scholarship means so much to me not only because Gamma Phi Beta holds a special place in my heart but because I felt that my hard work and dedication were noticed. I am forever grateful to the donors that felt I was deserving enough to be selected. I now have assistance to help pay for graduate school so I can continue working toward my career goals and be successful!”

Roan Willson (Idaho) 

Area of Study: Medicine 

Award: Cherie M. Olsen Rho Chapter Fellowship Endowment, Naples Area Alumnae Scholarship and Fellowship Endowment and The Gamma Phi Beta Foundation Financial Aid Fund

“This scholarship grants me financial freedom for the future. Attending medical school has been a goal of mine for years — I planned to become a physician since high school! With this aspiration becoming a reality, so has the added financial responsibilities of attending medical school. This financial aid grants me relief, as I know it helps keep my highest interest loans lower and will make the burden of student loans much easier to carry. I will be thankful for these scholarships long after I earn my MD and start practicing as a physician.”

Rose Wehrman (Nebraska-Lincoln) 

Area of Study: Law 

Award: The Gamma Phi Beta Foundation Financial Aid Fun

“Thank you so much for providing me with this opportunity! This scholarship directly supports me in pursuing a law degree and a career in children's law. While this financial support eases the burden of loans and will better enable me to enter public interest law directly upon graduation, the support of Gamma Phi Beta’s sisterhood inspires me each day to continue working toward this goal and my chosen path to Building Strong Girls.”

Tanushree Pant (Southern California) 

Area of Study: Public Relations 

Award: Beta Alpha/Fern Holcomb Heath Financial Aid Endowment

“I am sincerely honored to have been selected as the recipient of the Beta Alpha/Fern Holcomb Health Financial Aid Endowment. I am extremely thankful for being given this scholarship, and I am very appreciative of your generosity. I am currently a rising senior at the University of Southern California (USC), majoring in public relations and minoring in entrepreneurship. I transferred from Johnson County Community College in Kansas City in spring 2021, and I feel grateful daily to get such a high-class education at USC. This scholarship will assist me in continuing my membership with Gamma Phi Beta and allow me to be more involved in the Beta Alpha chapter.”

Lauren Millender (Oklahoma) 

Area of Study: Organizational Science 

Award: Tucky Wheeler Hobbs Endowment

“I am so honored to be a recipient of the Tucky Wheeler Hobbs Endowment. Thank you so much, Tucky, for your generosity to this sisterhood. It is helping me continue my educational career to my Ph.D. I am so grateful! To me, this scholarship means support from Gamma Phi Beta beyond my collegiate years. After graduating from my undergrad program, I was nervous that my relationship with the Sorority would diminish. In actuality, through my volunteer work, friendships with local alumnae and now this endowment, I have found my Gamma Phi Beta experience to be just as, if not more, rich than it was before! This fellowship means support from an organization that sees me in every phase of life!”

Brenna McConnell (Colgate)

Area of Study: International Relations and French 

Award: Delta Tau Scholarship Endowment in honor of Gretchen Oostenink and Little Blue House Delta Tau Scholarship and Fellowship Endowment

“It is an incredible honor to be the recipient of the Delta Tau Scholarship Endowment in honor of Gretchen Oostenink, Little Blue House Delta Tau Scholarship and Fellowship Endowment from the Gamma Phi Beta Foundation — I am truly humbled and appreciative. These scholarships support my academic goals and aspirations, and when it comes to paying for Colgate, every cent helps. More importantly, these scholarships are meaningful because they indicate that I am a positive role model, embodying Gamma Phi's Core Values. The uplifting, connected and loyal sisterhood that supports me in my academics was what motivated me to join Gamma Phi, and I am so thankful to be recognized for this. Thanks so, so much!

Allyssa Chan (California-Berkeley) 

Area of Study: Political Science and Political Economy 

Award: Eta Chapter Ellender Dickson Financial Aid Endowment

“This scholarship means the world to me. I am so thankful to be a Gamma Phi and for the opportunities brought to me because of this organization. Now I can spend more time exploring the city, hanging out with my sisters and enjoying my college experience. I am so thankful for this award. And I am excited to begin my junior year!”

Abigail Asuncion (Christopher Newport) 

Area of Study: English

Award: Noreen Linduska Zahour Scholarship Endowment

“This scholarship will enable me to continue my academic pursuits in teaching. Following graduation in 2023, I will pursue my master’s degree in teaching; I will use these generous funds to help me focus on my studies and educational opportunities. My whole life, I have wanted to become a teacher. With your support, I can turn my goals into a reality. I hope one day I will be able to give back and help other students like myself achieve their dreams. I am continually inspired by the Gamma Phi Beta Foundation. Thank you for your invaluable contribution to my education.”

Sarah Douglas (Michigan)

Area of Study: Mechanical Engineering

Award: Beta Go Blue Scholarship Endowment

“This scholarship awards me the opportunity to continue to engage in such a vibrant and supportive group of women. Gamma Phi Beta is an invaluable community that I am honored to be a part of and contribute my own experience and values to.”