Housing and Facilities Conference

The Housing and Facilities Conference (HFC) sponsored by the Facilities Management Company (FMC) is traditionally held biannually in odd years. This event brings together affiliated house corporation and local facility advisory committee members to collaborate with other volunteers, receive facility-specific training and learn from experts in the field of sorority housing and higher education. Attendees experience a mix of planning for the future, working through current challenges and celebrating the many ways we provide safe and inviting facilities for our members.

2021 Housing and Facilities Conference Update

In light of COVID-19 and current restrictions related to in-person gatherings, traditional in-person HFC events and education are postponed until 2023. In lieu of the in-person HFC experience, we have crafted a virtual Housing and Facilities Webinar Series with monthly seminars in March, April and May 2021.

Learn more about these free virtual events and how you can register. 

Housing and Facilities Webinar Series