2012: Girls on the Run

A Gamma Phi Beta runs alongside a Girls on the Run 5k participant in Denver, Colorado, 2013.

Education Vice President Becky Boyd-Obarski (Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) announced the Sorority’s newest philanthropic partner — Girls on the Run, an organization established in 1996 in Charlotte, North Carolina, and dedicated to providing pre-adolescent girls with physical activity-based development programs. With their missions and visions in perfect alignment, Elizabeth Kunz, president of Girls on the Run International, said, “We are excited to see and are grateful for the positive impact that Gamma Phi Beta will have on the lives of thousands of girls.” Speaking at the Convention, Girls on the Run founder Molly Barker gave a powerful speech, saying, “Wouldn’t it be awesome, just awesome, to give little girls an awareness of their own potential, worth and glory? Together, we can inspire little girls to celebrate their unique identities and recognize their inner strength.”