Living the sorority life in Gamma Phi Beta offers endless lifelong benefits: friendship, sisterhood, personal leadership development and growth, campus and community involvement, philanthropic opportunities, social events and more!

For many young women in college, the sorority experience provides a home away from home – with a place of belonging and an environment where you can make a real impact!

But of all the reasons to "Go Greek!" most women join Gamma Phi Beta Sorority for the lifetime sisterhood. Not only will you be involved on campus and make lasting memories, but you’ll be doing it all with your sisters by your side. From your memorable years as a collegian to your rewarding alumnae experiences, sorority life in Gamma Phi Beta is everlasting.

Gamma Phi Beta helps our members realize their full potential by offering forward-thinking programs, tools and opportunities to become constructive, engaged leaders and contributors to the greater community.

Membership Eligibility Position Statement

Gamma Phi Beta is an organization that is rooted in fraternal values and is committed to the promotion of inclusion among our members. Any woman shall be eligible for membership, provided she is currently enrolled in a college or university where there is a collegiate chapter and she is not, nor has been, an initiated member of an existing National Panhellenic Conference fraternity/sorority. Gamma Phi Beta seeks individuals for membership who aspire to live our Core Values of Love, Labor, Learning and Loyalty and want to achieve individual worth, intellectual growth, service to humanity and lifetime commitment to our sisterhood.

In an effort to give meaning to the concept of an “all-women” sorority and to give guidance to those making decisions about eligibility for membership, the word “woman” should be interpreted as anyone who identifies as a woman.

For Potential New Members

Are you interested in joining a sorority? Meet Gamma Phi Beta! We are an organization that builds confident women of character who celebrate sisterhood and make a difference in the world around us. As one of the 10 oldest women’s organizations in North America, Gamma Phi Beta seeks to inspire the highest type of womanhood within our members, through personal development, sisterhood, networking and more.

We invite you to find a chapter near you. If you a graduating high school senior or current college student, complete this form and learn what it is like to be a Gamma Phi Beta from one of our members.

You can also use the below links to learn more about what it is like to be a new member, an initiated member and an alumna of Gamma Phi Beta. 

For Family and Friends

Gamma Phi Beta cultivates its members with unique opportunities in leadership, scholarship, service and lifelong friendship. Our Sorority provides a rich and rewarding collegiate experience for women, filled with an exceptional blend of opportunities to empower members from college onward.

Once a member graduates, she will have formed lifelong friendships and will continue to receive support as an alumna through the Sorority's alumnae chapters. Gamma Phi Beta Sorority is committed to helping our members achieve their greatest potential at every stage in life!

As a family or friend of a Gamma Phi Beta, we invite you to be a part of your daughter’s journey. Learn more about the collegiate member experience, terms you might hear or read, membership dues, and more.  

Learn More

For Gamma Phi Beta Members

Gamma Phi Beta needs YOU! Do you know a woman in your life who would be a great Gamma Phi Beta? Then, she needs to Meet Gamma Phi Beta! You can refer her to Gamma Phi Beta in two ways.

  1. A Reference Form is the traditional method of recommending someone for membership. It requires some knowledge of the potential new members as you describe their character in relation to our Core Values (Love, Labor, Learning and Loyalty).
  2. An Information Form is a new way to let collegiate chapters know about potential new members. This form requires less information from the recommender and serves to tell chapters of women who might be interested in recruitment so the chapter can reach out to them. Information forms allow chapters to make more connections based on the network of our dedicated members by passing along names and contact information. 

Not ready to complete a Reference Form or Information Form yet? Here are other ways you can help Gamma Phi Beta chapters out this recruitment season.

  1. Use your network. Share about your positive experience as a member of Gamma Phi Beta on your social media networks – both on your personal profiles and in any Gamma Phi Beta groups you’re in with sisters.
  2. Like and repost chapter content. The more interaction our chapters get on social media the wider our reach is beyond our immediate network. Offering a reaction (Like, Love, Care, Heart, etc.,) or posting an encouraging comment on a chapter’s Instagram or Facebook page can help extend the reach of their PR efforts. 
  3. Like and share our recruitment videos. We have a long and short version and they can also be accessed on our Preparing for Fall 2020 page.

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