Celebrate 150 Years in Napa Valley, California

Thank you!

We had a wonderful time with you at our Coast-to-Coast event in Napa Valley!

Help make our entire 150th Celebration extraordinary! Join our list of generous donors and leave your legacy at Donate.GammaPhiBeta.org/GPB150.


Thank you to our True and Constant sponsors:

College Fresh

College Fresh provides great, fresh food, at fair prices, backed up by the best service in the collegiate food industry.

Herff Jones

Honoring the historic tradition of intricately crafted sorority and fraternal jewelry, Herff Jones has assured that the storied heritage of fraternal jewelry artistry would persist and prosper. Herff Jones is the official jeweler for Gamma Phi Beta badges.

Thank you to our trusted partners:

Crescent Corner

Shop our official store, Crescent Corner! Get ready for your trip by purchasing your 150th merchandise in advance!

First Moon Napa Valley

First Moon Napa Valley is the premier wine brand made exclusively for the Gamma Phi Beta sisterhood. Join their Crescent Club for discounts and offers. Shop today!