Sponsor a Senior Thank You Notes

We are so inspired by the support of this sisterhood. Thank you for sponsoring a graduating senior. Check out what they have to say!

Class of 2021

Ashleigh Hookano

(California-Los Angeles)

"For me, it meant the world to have my Life Loyal membership sponsored. After a very uncertain year, I have felt a little disconnected from my sisters and I wasn't sure if I was ready to graduate. Having this part of my alumna status taken care of means I get to continue my strengthened connection with Gamma Phi forever."

Izzy Toma

(Christopher Newport)

"Having my Life Loyal membership sponsored for me meant so much to me, especially because it was sponsored by my Big Sister."

Margaret Haas

(North Carolina-Asheville)

“I am incredibly thankful to have had my Life Loyal membership sponsored. It means that I can continue to be present and involved with Gamma Phi Beta as an alumna without worrying about the financial aspect as a recent college graduate.” 

Nicole MacDonald

(Florida State)

“A sister sponsoring my dues proves what I already knew – the sisters of Gamma Phi Beta will always support and be there for you, even past your collegiate experience.”

Rachael Broyles


“Thank you so much! It means the world that you are helping me in a time of change after graduating.”

Class of 2020

Avery Jones

(California Polytechnic State)

"Thank you so much for sponsoring my international alumnae dues for the next year! Gamma Phi Beta has given so much to me the past four years, so it means the world to me to stay connected to the Sorority and especially the Delta Theta Chapter. I thank my lucky stars that I got to be a part of this organization over my college career and for the rest of my life. Once again, I really appreciate your generosity. I hope one day I can do the same for a deserving member of our chapter. " 

Mahaila Nieslanik


"To my sweet Theta sister, Jeannie, thank you so much! You are a reminder that Gamma Phi is always True and Constant, even after collegiate years. You made me remember that Gamma Phi is going to be a part of my life even after I graduate and end my time as a collegian."

Emily Wollenberg

(Oklahoma City)

"Even though you don’t know me, you took the time to help me financially during a time when money is tight for many. Thank you so much for showing me the love of Gamma Phi Beta in the alumnae community and inspiring me to show others the same!" 

Colleen Elliott

(Southern Methodist)

"Thank you so much for this generous gift especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and I hope to sponsor the dues of another Alpha Xi Chapter senior next year as a way of paying my gratitude forward."  

Hannah Perry


"Thank you so much, Bari! Your act of kindness is so thoughtful and so appreciated. Knowing that there are always sisters out there supporting each other is so heartwarming."  

Noelle Gushard

(Southern Methodist)

"Thank you for sponsoring my international alumnae dues! I can’t wait to get involved in the Kansas City alumnae chapter!" 

And, we're so proud of all our graduating seniors for their accomplishments. Learn how you can Sponsor a Senior or go back to our Senior Celebration page.