2018: Governance Restructure

At the 76th Convention in Atlanta, delegates voted to change the structure of International Council from one with an operational focus to one with governance oversight. This recommendation came from the Structure and Function Task Force, a group appointed in November 2013 to evaluate Gamma Phi Beta’s ability to thrive in a changing world.

In 2018, Convention delegates elected the first International Council composed of an International President and six vice presidents. Previously, leaders were selected based on specific experiences and skill sets within a department or specialty area to fulfill the duties of specific vice president roles.

For nearly the entirety of the Sorority’s history, or at least over the past 100 years, Gamma Phi Beta operated under this structure in how we selected our leaders. With this new governance structure, the goal is to create the best team to collectively lead our Gamma Phi Beta. Leadership competencies for Gamma Phi Beta’s elected level of leadership were identified and will be used by the Nominating Committee.