1950: The 44th Convention – A Railroad Strike

The 44th Convention was to be held at the Colorado Hotel in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, in June 1950. Situated at the confluence of the Colorado River and the Roaring Fork River, Glenwood Springs is surrounded by steep inclines, making air travel a risky undertaking. I-70, the main east-west route through the Rocky Mountains, goes right through it these days, but in 1950, that highway existed only in someone’s imagination. But the railroad that brought the town to life in 1883 delivered the delegates to the Convention safe and sound. Unfortunately, just as the Convention got underway, railroad workers declared a strike. Executive Secretary Ruth Wood (Michigan, 1941) took control of the situation, setting up a makeshift travel center in the midst of the Convention. Buses were hired and the delegates were treated to an unexpected sightseeing trip by bus through the Rocky Mountains to Denver, where other modes of transportation awaited them.

Convention attendees enjoy horseback riding.

Convention attendees taking a break in the pool, 1950.