Convention in the 1800s
Learn about our first-ever conventions from 1883-99.

Fast Facts

  • 17 Conventions, six different locations
  • Hosted annually
  • Conventions were created to conduct Sorority business

Conventions from 1900-25
Conventions through the turn of a century and our 50-year anniversary.

Fast Facts

  • 17 Conventions, 14 different locations
  • Switched to biennial in 1909
  • The Founders were last together at the 25th Convention 

Conventions from 1926-50
Explore through 1950 and learn how Conventions moved our Sorority forward.

Fast Facts

  • 10 Conventions, 10 different locations
  • Camping became our philanthropy in 1929
  • In 1940, the Honor Roll Award was established

Conventions from 1951-75
Conventions from 1501 to 1975, our Sorority's 100th year. 

Fast Facts

  • 12 Conventions, 12 different locations
  • The Foundation was founded at the 48th Convention 
  • Carnation Award was introduced in 1974

Conventions from 1976-2000
Discover more about Conventions from 1976 to 2000. 

Fast Facts

  • 13 Conventions, 12 different locations
  • Delegates approved the Capital Endowment Campaign Plan in Dallas
  • Personal and Chapter Enrichment (PACE) was born in the '80s

Conventions from 2001-Present
Conventions through the 21st century. 

Fast Facts

  • 11 Conventions, 10 different locations
  • Our philanthropic focus, Building Strong Girls, and partnership with Girls on the Run was announced in 2012

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