Nominations and Elections 

Each biennium, Gamma Phi Beta holds elections to fill the critical positions on International Council and the Nominating Committee. At Convention 2020, in Palm Springs, California, delegates will elect the future leadership of our organization.

As we approach our nominating process to slate and elect new leaders for our Sorority, Gamma Phi Beta needs your participation to determine the future leadership of our organization. And, there are a number of ways you can help define the future of Gamma Phi Beta.

Referral Form

One of the most helpful ways you, and any sister you know, may assist the Nominating Committee in their work is to refer a member for service at the highest level of our organization. 

Referral Form

Remember to keep Gamma Phi Beta's member competencies in mind when referring members to serve at the highest level. If you are seeking to recommend someone for membership during recruitment, this is not the correct form. Please go here instead!

Educational Webinars

The Nominating Committtee is hosting four webinars during October 2019 to prepare for the Nominations and Elections process!

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Who is eligible for elected office?

To be eligible to serve on International Council or the Nominating Committee, a member must:

  • Be an alumna in good standing with the Sorority (collegiate delegates for the Nominating Committee must be in good standing too).
  • Not employed by the Sorority, Facilities Management Company or the Foundation.
  • The International President must have previously served at least one term on an International Council.

How is the slate determined?

  • Throughout the biennium, the Nominating Committee meets regularly and works to recruit potential candidates for service at the highest levels.
  • In February 2020, Nominating Committee members will meet to review the submitted candidate applications.
  • During this meeting, the seven alumnae, two collegians, led by the Chair of the 2018-20 Nominating Committee will determine the slate for consideration at Convention 2020.

Who is on the slate?

  • Six alumnae will be slated for International Council vice presidents and one alumna for International President.
  • The Nominating Committee slate will contain seven alumnae for consideration, the top five vote getters will be elected to the committee and the remaining two will serve as alternates.
  • How are International Council officers and Nominating Committee members elected?
  • Convention delegates vote at Convention to formally elect International Council officers and the successive 2020-22 Nominating Committee.
  • Each chapter delegate will vote on the slate.

International Council

Six alumnae for International Council Vice Presidents and one alumna for International President will be slated. Gamma Phi Beta Sorority Rules and Procedures state that the names of current International Council members eligible for re-election and interested in service shall be posted on the website. Those on the current International Council who are eligible for re-election and have expressed interest in continued service are:

  • Fraya L. Black (Michigan)
  • Stephanie G. Carriere (Arizona)
  • Angela  Jordan Dimit (Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • Autumn L. Hansen (Idaho)
  • Tanya N. Jordan (Purdue)
  • Mindy Sutton Noss, Ph.D. (Southern Methodist)

The office of International President will be vacated due to term limits.

Nominating Committee

Seven alumnae will be slated in accordance with our Bylaws and Rules and Procedures. The top five vote-getters will comprise the committee, the next two vote-getters will be the alternates to the committee. The collegiate delegates will be selected in a separate process beginning in March 2020.

Be sure to review the Sorority Bylaws and Rules and Procedures pertaining to nominations, elections and position descriptions as you give thought to potential candidates.

Additional questions about the process? Please contact Nominating Committee Chairwoman Krista Davis.