Professional Staff

International Headquarters staff handles questions and issues pertaining to the international business of the Sorority.

Contacting Staff Members
To contact any Sorority staff member, please call 303.799.1874 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (MST), Monday through Friday. To contact Sorority staff by email, please use the first letter of their first name combined with their full last name Example: Jane Smith,

To contact Foundation staff, please call 303.800.2890 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (MST), Monday through Friday. To contact Foundation staff by email, please use the first letter of their first name combined with their full last name Example: Jane Smith,

For questions pertaining specifically to chapter dues, chapter programs, chapter housing, general chapter matters, etc., please contact the chapter's corresponding regional coordinator or visit the contact us page.



Click here to view a full International Headquarters professional staff organizational chart. 

  • Executive Director

    Megan Wick

    303.799.1874 ext. 350

  • Executive Assistant

    Carri Houser

    Carri can help you with general International Headquarters information and services.

    303.799.1874 ext. 324

Finance and Facilities Division

The Finance and Facilities division of International Headquarters is comprised of our Accounting and Housing and Facilities departments. Click here to view an organizational chart for this division. 

  • Chief Financial Officer

    Laurie Meili

    Laurie can help you with questions regarding financial reporting, budgeting and investments.

    303.799.1874 ext. 328

  • Housing and Facilities Assistant

    Brianna Schneller

    Brianna can help you with general facility and Facilities Management Company inquiries and direct you to the appropriate facility resources.

    303.799.1874 ext. 312

  • Director of Facilities Accounting

    Dana Thiel

    Dana can help you with finance inquiries and reporting requests for the Facilities Management Company (FMC) and FMC Financial Services Program.

    303.799.1874 ext. 329

  • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Coordinator

    Rachel Locatelli

    Rachel can help you with questions regarding the Facilities Management Company (FMC) Financial Services Program. Affiliated house corporation clients of the FMC Financial Services Program can inquire about member billing and vendor payments. Rachel can also assist FMC Financial Services clients with the Facility Management Annual Report.

    303.799.1874 ext. 336

  • Anne Lease

    Director of Accounting

    Anne Lease

    Anne can assist you in providing financial information and reporting requests, as well as budgeting support.

    303.799.1874 ext. 365

  • Accounting Manager

    Alejandra Berger

    Alejandra can help you with accounting process inquiries including accounts receivable related to billings, cash receipts application, chapter and member billings, event registrations and accounts payable.

    303.799.1874 ext. 340

  • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Coordinator

    Tonya Spurrier

    Tonya can help you with accounts payable and accounts receivable processing. 

    303.799.1874 ext. 337

  • Kay Wilms

    Director of Housing and Facilities

    Kay Wilms

    Kay can help you with questions regarding the Facilities Management Company, new housing initiatives and affiliated house corporation resources.

    303.799.1874 ext. 325

  • FMC Housing and Facilities Manager

    Anne Ross

    Anne can help you with any questions related to Facilities Management Company-owned facilities, including property management, food service and facility staff.

    303.799.1874 ext. 357

  • FMC Housing and Facilities Manager

    Jessica Young

    Jessica can help you with any questions related to Facilities Management Company-owned facilities, including property management, food service and facility staff.

  • AHC Manager

    Joel Saslaw

    Joel can help affiliated house corporations with the Facility Management Annual Report, facility resources, inspection checklists and general facility inquiries.

    303.799.1874 ext. 313

  • Caren Gore

    Office Operations Coordinator

    Caren Gore

    Caren can help you with ordering chapter materials, manuals and supplies, International Headquarters meeting space reservations and mail to and from International Headquarters.

    303.799.1874 ext. 364

Marketing and Communications Division

The Marketing and Communications division of International Headquarters is comprised of our Conference and Meetings, Marketing and Communications and Sorority Growth departments. Click here to view an organizational chart for this division.

  • Maureen Walker

    Managing Director of Marketing and Communications

    Maureen Walker

    Maureen can help you with brand identity and vendor relations, media relations, Life Loyal, website inquiries and general communications.

    303.799.1874 ext. 323

  • Graphic Designer

    Maddy Schroeder

    Maddy can help you with brand identity and logo usage.

    303.799.1874 ext. 332

  • The Crescent Editor

    Laura Mishkind

    Laura can help you with The Crescent and general communications.

    303.799.1874 ext. 360

  • Page Adams

    Director of Conferences and Meetings

    Page Adams

    Page can help you with logistics, planning and implementation of all major Sorority events.

    303.799.1874 ext. 322

  • Conference and Meeting Assistant

    Sara Chojnacki

    Sara can help you with event registrations, Denver-based hotel reservations and other general event questions. 

    303.799.1874 ext. 363

  • Teresa Tisserat

    Director of Marketing

    Teresa Tisserat

    Teresa can help you with Moonball, philanthropy and Building Strong Girls, as well as international marketing campaigns and initiatives.

    303.799.1874 ext. 330

  • Marketing Manager

    Rachel Soberman

    Rachel can help you with general marketing campaigns and initiatives, website updates, email and social media. 

    303.799.1874 ext. 347

  • Marketing Coordinator

    Tori Peckarsky

    Tori can help you with Life Loyal and international alumnae dues, as well as general marketing campaigns. 

    303.799.1874 ext. 362

  • Director of Sorority Growth

    Dexter Bush-Scott

    Dexter can help you with collegiate extension, collegiate extension recruitment and recruitment efforts.

    303.799.1874 ext. 353

Member Experience Division

The Member Experience division of International Headquarters is comprised of our Administration, Chapter Services and Education teams. Click here to view an organization chart for this division. 

  • Kendra Bocher

    Managing Director of Member Experience

    Kendra Bocher

    Kendra can help you with Sorority statistical information, the alumna initiate program and Membership Review Committee operations.

    303.799.1874 ext. 321

  • pearson_natalie_web.png

    Alumnae Engagement Manager

    Natalie Pearson

    Natalie can help with alumnae chapter and alumnae member engagement initiatives.

    303.799.1874 ext. 317

  • Bridget Dummett

    Director of Administration

    Bridget Dummett

    Bridget can help you with Beta Base and Fidelity technical support and collegiate and alumnae chapter reporting for good standing.

    303.799.1874 ext. 344

  • Jason Vaughn

    Database Administrator

    Jason Vaughn

    Jason can help you with Beta Base reports and statistical reports. 

    303.799.1874 ext. 396

  • Margery Richter

    Database Coordinator

    Margery Richter

    Margery can help you with new member processing, Loyalty Pledge and Initiation requirements, ordering membership badges, replacement badges, answering Gamma Phi Beta ritual questions, processing deceased member information and accepting Gamma Phi Beta museum donations.

    303.799.1874 ext. 333

  • IT Customer Support Coordinator

    Mattie Kleist

    Mattie can help you with technical customer support for software and applications utilized by Gamma Phi Beta membership.

    303.799.1874 ext. 316

  • Samantha Keltner

    Director of Chapter Services

    Samantha Keltner

    Samantha can help you with inquiries from campus-based professionals, collegiate chapter operations, Order of the Crescent and Sorority research initiatives. Workforce teams that report to Sam include the Regional Team, New Chapter Team, Recruitment Team and Awards Committee.

    303.799.1874 ext. 327

  • Advisor and Volunteer Training Manager

    Morgan Pisarski

    Morgan can help you with advisor and advisory board training and job-specific training resources and modules for local and international volunteers.

    303.799.1874 ext. 349

  • Chapter Finance Manager

    Katie Cook

    Katie can help collegiate chapters with their financial management policies and procedures, budgeting, training and Billhighway operations. Workforce teams that report to Katie include the collegiate chapter finance team.

    303.799.1874 ext. 358

  • Chapter Services Manager

    Evan Lieb

    Evan can help you with the collegiate leadership consultant (CLC) program.

    303.799.1874 ext. 339

  • Jill Duffy

    Director of Education

    Jill Duffy

    Jill can help you with general education inquiries, the member competencies, the learning philosophy and related resources and facilitation of the Sorority’s leadership inventory.

    303.799.1874 ext. 368

  • Shana Makos

    Education Manager

    Shana Makos

    Shana can help you with questions regarding Fidelity and new member education, collegiate chapter programs including academics, PACE, sisterhood and ritual and department assessment initiatives.

    303.799.1874 ext. 359

  • Education Manager

    DeAnna Marguglio

    DeAnna can help you with questions regarding the Sorority’s learning management system, online learning and officer education programs.

    303.799.1874 ext. 334

  • Education Manager

    Michael McPhee

    Michael can help you with questions regarding REAL Leadership programming, REAL Wellness and REAL Relationships programs, Convention programming and scheduling Facilitation Team visits to your chapter.

    303.799.1874 ext. 346

Collegiate Leadership Consultants

This year, 12 collegiate leadership consultants (CLCs) will be working with our collegiate chapters!

Senior CLCs:
Maddy Barbour (California State-Fullerton), Kelly Carson (California State-Chico), Megan Piehler (Midwestern State), Katelyn Zam (Cincinnati) are returning for their second year as CLCs!

Kelly Eshima (California-Riverside), Natalie Fournier (McGill), Jessica Hayes (Maryland), Hannah Keane (Bentley), Emma Plentl (Colorado-Boulder), Kaela Samek (Nebraska-Kearney), Hailey Steuer (Central Florida) and Hannah Taylor (Kennesaw).  

Risk and Policy Division

The Risk and Policy division of International Headquarters is comprised of Risk and Policy and Human Resources. Click here to view an organization chart for this division. 

  • Managing Director of Risk and Policy

    Kathryn Cobb

    Kat can help you with contract review, insurance policy questions, university relationship agreements, risk and policy training and university requests for information.

    303.799.1874 ext. 320

  • Director of Human Resources

    Shira Weiner

    Shira can help you with employment and volunteer leader opportunities and processes.

    303.799.1874 ext. 367

  • Human Resources Coordinator

    Nicole Schroeder

    Nicole can help you connect with volunteer or employment opportunities as well as finding the right volunteer to join your team.

    303.799.1874 ext. 361

Gamma Phi Beta Foundation

  • Director of Communications

    Janelle Manning

    Janelle can help you with all Foundation marketing and communications, including Foundation marketing campaigns and initiatives, public relations, graphic design and community outreach.


  • Development Manager

    Danica Lempert

    Danica can help you with any aspect of the Foundation’s major campaigns and major gifts.  


  • Development Coordinator-Annual Fund

    Monica Thompson

    Monica can help you with Carnation Nation, annual contributions, parent contributions and lifetime giving levels.


  • Nancy Miller

    Executive Assistant

    Nancy Miller

    Nancy can help you with administrative matters as they pertain to the Foundation including scheduling, event coordination, gift acknowledgements, giving in memory of a loved one or in celebration of a sister.