Rev. Dr. Lillian Lammers (Denver) Donor Spotlight

Why did you join Gamma Phi Beta and what is your best Gamma Phi memory?

I joined Gamma Phi Beta partly because my mother always described having powerful and meaningful experiences in her sorority. I also really wanted to find a community of friends in college, and Gamma Phi Beta offered an easy way for me to connect with other women around shared values.

Can you share your early Gamma Phi Beta experiences that led you to International Council?

The most impactful experience early in my Gamma Phi Beta membership was attending Convention 1998 in Newport Beach the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college. Attending Convention at such an early stage in my membership gave me a much broader understanding of our sisterhood and offered perspective on what being a member of this large and incredible organization really means.

You have been a match donor for three Gamma Phi Gives Days. What motivated you to be a match donor each year?

I love how Gamma Phi Gives Day organizes and energizes our members and stakeholders around supporting the Foundation. I have participated in match gifts because I think they offer a great way to both educate on the many programs and causes the Foundation supports and connect with my fellow sisters around supporting causes that we all care about deeply. My first year, I rallied support around belonging, equity, diversity and inclusion (BEDI) programming. The second year, I was able to connect with collegiate leadership consultants across six decades to share memories with one another as we supported the Foundation. In 2024, I am looking forward to partnering with another incredible alumna who, like me, is a fellowship recipient from the Foundation. We are eager to share how the Gamma Phi Beta Foundation’s investment in our education has contributed to our careers and loves in profound ways as we recruit others to support Foundation fellowships going forward.

Why is continued support to the Foundation important to you?

The Gamma Phi Beta Foundation is an investment in our sisters. The educational programming, the scholarships and fellowships that the Foundation supports make a difference in the lives of our members. Education is something that is important to our organization, and I am delighted that our Foundation perpetually invests in learning and growth.

You have given so much to Gamma Phi Beta. What has it given to you?

Gamma Phi Beta has given me confidence and leadership opportunities and has helped me to understand my values and perpetually practice them. The Sorority has given me lifelong, intergenerational friendships with sisters who have journeyed beside me through all the ups and downs of life. Lastly, the Sorority gives me an opportunity to be a mentor and friend to the incredible members who have and will come behind me in this organization. The world is already different now than when I joined in 1997, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to help our youngest members understand who Gamma Phi Beta has been over time and partner with them in figuring out who we will be in the next 150 years!