2012: Building Strong Girls

Additionally at Convention 2012, it was announced that Gamma Phi Beta’s new philanthropic focus would be Building Strong Girls.

The Building Strong Girls philanthropic umbrella was created to counteract the popular image of women — the one presented on so-called reality television shows, movies and the Internet. When the program was announced in the summer 2013 edition of The Crescent, it was accompanied with the slogan, “We are Women Building Strong Girls.” “Let’s teach girls how to be intelligent leaders who contribute to their communities and make a positive difference in the world,” the article read.

As women Building Strong Girls, Gamma Phi Beta’s new philanthropic focus was about helping girls feel secure, make positive choices, think critically, express their feelings and grow up with a “can-do” attitude. Just when the problem of bullying, on the Internet now as well as in school, was appearing on the evening news with increased frequency, Building Strong Girls helped empower girls to combat peer pressure and stand up to the bullies no matter what form they took.