Membership in Gamma Phi Beta is for a lifetime. As an alumna member, you strengthen our sisterhood by remaining connected to the Sorority through connection, engagement and mentorship. It is because of our members that Gamma Phi Beta continues to grow, and the dedication and engagement of our alumnae members is crucial for our continued success.


Alumnae engagement is a reciprocal and beneficial relationship between the Sorority and its members. The Sorority works to provide activities and services that keep members’ experiences relevant and remembered, and the member keeps her personal experience with Gamma Phi Beta likewise relevant through active participation and encouragement of others to do the same.

The purpose of alumnae engagement is to connect alumnae in three ways:

Alumnae engagement connects alumnae members to the Sorority. Membership in Gamma Phi Beta is a lifetime experience. Alumnae engagement experiences should create affinity to Gamma Phi Beta and encourage members to commit both their time, talents and treasure to the advancement of the Sorority. 

Alumnae engagement connects alumnae members to one another. When members are initiated, they promise to be a true and constant friend. Alumnae engagement experiences should be designed to encourage relationship-building and sisterhood among members. 

Alumnae engagement connects alumnae members in many meaningful forms. Membership in Gamma Phi Beta should enrich every member’s life. Gamma Phi Beta recognizes this can be achieved in various formats and encourages participation in ways that matter to individuals and groups of members, so long as a connection to the Sorority remains.

An engaged alumna member is one who:

  • Pays her international alumnae dues annually or is Life Loyal.
  • Promotes membership in Gamma Phi Beta.
  • Updates her contact information in Gamma Phi Beta’s records.
  • Seeks connection to other members of the Sorority.
  • Communicates the impact Gamma Phi Beta has/had on her life.