Regional Restructure

Gamma Phi Beta is excited to announce the regional restructure, effective January 2022. To provide you with the information regarding your reassignment, please reference the outline below.


In December 2020, Gamma Phi Beta began evaluating her current regional structure. Our focus for the restructure is to:

  • Allow volunteers to help collegiate chapters develop programs and practices so members experience sisterhood as belonging.
  • Enable chapters to receive the support they need to become the best chapter possible on their campus and within the Sorority.
  • Ensure we are providing consistent support that allows chapters to achieve operational efficiency.

Why a regional restructure?
The workgroup found that there were multiple areas where the regional structure could work better for both the Sorority and our members. As a result, the following solutions will be implemented:

  • The number of CCS roles will increase to ensure that no CCS is supervising more than three chapters, with an ideal supervision caseload of two chapters.
  • The number of regions will increase to keep the number of direct reports per region manageable for collegiate chapter supervisors.
  • Team building opportunities will be provided for volunteer team members to maintain the well-loved culture of teams.
  • Administrative functions and chapter reminders will move to the Member Experience staff teams to provide additional support volunteer teams.