Your Volunteer Story

What's Next For You

We are grateful for the service you provided to Gamma Phi Beta this year. There are so many incredible stories of the ways our volunteers have supported members, and we are beyond thankful. To both celebrate these successes and also learn more about how we can best support our volunteer workforce, we want to hear from you! Please share your favorite volunteer memories from this past year and what you anticipate is next in your volunteer story.

We recognize that our volunteers’ situations and capacity to volunteer can change. Changes that impact how we work and live our lives can also impact how we volunteer. We want you to know that it’s OK if these changes have refocused your priorities and understand if that refocus involves pausing your volunteer story. We support you fully and are ready to welcome you back when the time is right.

Please note that your volunteer supervisor will be notified if you indicate that you would like to step down or transition to a different role in your form responses. In lieu of submitting this form, you can also discuss your transition out of your volunteer role directly with your supervisor.