Nominating Committee – Collegiate Members and Alternates


Each biennium at Convention, Gamma Phi Beta holds elections to fill the elected positions on International Council (IC) and the Nominating Committee (NC). The NC is defined in the sorority’s Bylaws to identify, recruit and slate potential candidates for election to the NC and IC. It comprises seven elected alumnae members, two appointed collegiate members, two collegiate alternates and one appointed chair, all of whom serve a two-year term.

International Council (IC) is the executive body of Gamma Phi Beta. To learn more about International Council, click here.

The Nominating Committee (NC) identifies, recruits and slates potential candidates for the next biennium for both IC and the next NC.

Applications are open until January 15, 2024. Read the full job description to understand what this role entails.


Collegians with an anticipated graduation date of spring 2026 or later are eligible to apply this year to serve on the 2024-26 NC. 

Collegiate Member Job Description


  • October 2, 2023: Collegiate NC application opens
  • January 15, 2024: Application deadline for all positions
  • February 17, 2024: Applicant interviews begin for those selected
  • March 22-25, 2024: Nominating Committee slating weekend
  • April 30, 2024: Collegiate applicants will be notified of selection


Gracie Williams (Nebraska-Lincoln), 2020-22 Nominating Committee collegiate member, shares her top four reasons why you should apply for the NC.

  • Deeper connection to and understanding of our sisterhood. Gamma Phi Betas are not just Gamma Phi Betas for the three to four years of their collegiate experience — they are members for life. Joining the NC will help collegiate members gain a deep appreciation for the larger Gamma Phi Beta organization and the hard work that our alumnae put into our sorority to make it the successful, progressive organization that it is.
  • Opportunities to make a huge impact on the future of our sorority. The NC's job is to recruit and slate the most qualified members who can lead us into a prosperous future. Collegian members are not treated any differently than other NC members; collegians make just as many important decisions and have just as much of a voice as any alumna on the committee!
  • Leadership development and one-of-a-kind board experience. How many collegians do you know that can say, "I'm on a board-level committee of an international organization. I help recruit talent and foster more equitable practices that will impact thousands of stakeholders"? Very few. Experience on the NC has a learning curve, but it will challenge you to grow your mindset and leadership skills.
  • Implementation of progressive practices for a more equitable Gamma Phi Beta. Our sorority is full of beautifully diverse individuals with a vast range of life experiences, identities and strengths. Members of the NC are dedicated to editing old practices and developing new procedures to ensure that access to leadership is equitable and our future leadership is representative of our sorority body.

"No matter what your future goals or career aspirations are, being a member of the NC is a position that has benefits for everyone. I can confidently say I am a better leader, sister, Gamma Phi Beta and even a better middle school English teacher because I was a collegiate member on the NC. My best advice? Apply. You’ll never know how it may change your life." 

“The Nominating Committee has given me outstanding career connections, teamwork experience and loyalty to Gamma Phi Beta.”

—LeAnne Bugay (Nebraska-Lincoln), 2022-24 Nominating Committee collegiate member

“Mentorship, mentorship, mentorship. The alumnae I worked with are some of the strongest, funniest, hardest working and most compassionate women I have ever met. They worked tirelessly to better our sorority. I am a better person because I worked with the women of the 2020-22 Nominating Committee.”

—Gracie Williams (Nebraska-Lincoln), 2020-22 Nominating Committee collegiate member

“My time as a collegian on the Nominating Committee was one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire college career! I felt that my opinion truly mattered and that I could bring a new perspective to the table, even though I had less experience than the alumnae members. I learned a great deal about board-level service and what sisterhood is like following graduation. The connections I made and the experiences I gained are invaluable.”

—Alexa Bell (Wittenberg), 2020-22 Nominating Committee collegiate member


This experience will allow members to balance their time with their collegiate membership and scholastic commitments. 

The NC entails four to six hours a month in the first 18 months, including monthly Zoom committee meetings. The time commitment will expand to 10-20 hours per month in the last six months, with additional time in the interview and selection process. 

Travel is estimated to be up to five days per year, including Convention and the spring retreat before Convention. All travel costs and expenses for the NC collegiate members are 100% covered by Gamma Phi Beta. 


Collegiate Members

LeAnne Bugay (Nebraska-Lincoln)

LeAnne Bugay studies journalism, advertising, and public relations at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and was initiated into Pi Chapter in the fall of 2021. She plans on attending graduate school on the east coast, where she hopes to eventually work as a public school district communications director or pop culture journalist. She serves on the academics committee for Pi and as an orientation leader for the university. In her free time, LeAnne loves to thrift shop, bike, and attend concerts.

Hallie Horner (Nebraska-Lincoln)

Hallie attends the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is studying elementary education. She is the song chairwoman of her chapter. Aside from her Sorority involvement, Hallie is a mentor of NHRI, the University's leadership development program, a member of Teacher Scholars Academy and a Girls on the Run coach. Her future goals include teaching and earning a master's degree.

Collegiate Alternate Member

Madelynne Eash (Jacksonville)

Madelynne is a Jacksonville University (JU) student double majoring in political science and history and minoring in psychology and criminology. She joined Gamma Phi Beta at Epsilon Zeta Chapter in October 2021. She serves as her chapter's administrative vice president and JU Panhellenic Council's vice president of operations. She also works at the University's bookstore and is an undergraduate research assistant, a student government senator and a member of JU's honors society. After graduation, Madelynne hopes to earn a master's degree in international relations from Central European University and pursue law at an Ivy League school. She plans to work in human rights law and teach law students.


If you have any questions for the NC, or if you are interested in learning more about service on IC or the NC, please contact Nominating Committee Chair Tanya Jordan.


If you would like to refer someone for service on IC or the NC, please complete the referral form. Submitting a referral form will let the current NC know more about the individual(s) you refer, including insight about their demonstration of Gamma Phi Beta’s member competencies