Q: What is the Facilities Management Company (FMC)?
A: Established in 2012, the Facilities Management Company (FMC) works exclusively with Gamma Phi Beta chapters and offers services to ensure safe, inviting facilities for their members. The FMC oversees over 60 facilities across the country, allowing us to implement proven best practices in your facility. Each facility has a dedicated FMC manager who works with local staff and volunteers to provide an inclusive and welcoming space.  

Q: What is the role of the local facility advisory committee (LFAC)?
A: The LFAC is composed of alumnae members and are a liaison between the chapter and FMC. They can act as an advocate for the needs of the chapter members and can provide contextual history for the facility and its operations

Access and Safety

Q: I lost my key/fob/access card. Who do I contact and how do I get a new one? Is there a cost?
A: Inform your facility director and facility manager as soon as you realize your key/fob/access card is lost. You will pay a $50 replacement fee per item lost, this will be billed to your FMC billing account (Armatic).

Q: If I’ve lost my room key, can I make a duplicate of my roommate’s key?
A: No. For your personal safety and security, you need to report your lost key to your facility director.

Q: What do I do if the fire alarm goes off?
A: Immediately evacuate from the facility and report to your designated meeting spot.

Q: Who do I contact about my food/environmental allergies?
A: Please let your food service provider know about any food allergies. Both food allergies and environmental allergies should be reported to your chapter’s facilities manager at so that you can be appropriately accommodated in the house.  


Q: Who do I contact if something is broken in my room (such as my bed frame, closet rod, window, etc.)?
A: Please inform your chapter facility manager about the issue and follow up with the facility director to ensure she is aware and can make sure the issue is addressed.

Q: My air conditioner is running but my room is still hot. Why?
A: Check to make sure your air conditioning unit is not blocked by your bed, bedding, desk, chairs, clothing or other items which would result in reduced air flow. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact your facility director. 

Q: The Wi-Fi is slow, what do I do?
A: Let your facility director and facility manager know and provide as many details as possible so that the issue can be fully resolved.


Q: Are guests allowed to eat meals at the house?
A: Yes, but guests must be reported to your facility director and facility manager so that our food service provider can prepare the appropriate amount of food. Guest meals will be billed to the account of their host.

Q: When and where can my significant other be in the house?
A: Members must follow the Sorority visitation policy, and more specifically, the local chapter facility rules as it relates to visitors at the property.

Q: What do I do if my roommate is acting out of character? Or I haven’t seen or heard from them in a few days?
A: Please reach out to your chapter’s executive council and advisors for them to support the member.

Q: What do I do if I have issues with my roommate?
A: Please reach out to your chapter’s executive council and advisors for them to support you and your roommate.


Q: What is the difference between chapter dues and the facility fee?
A: Chapter dues are assessed by the chapter as it relates to your membership and participation. Facility fees come directly from the FMC at International Headquarters (IH) and are related to costs to run the facility. Facility fees can take the form of live-out, live-in or new member fees, since all members enjoy the common spaces at our FMC-owned/managed facilities.

Q: Who do I go to if I have questions about my chapter dues?
A: Contact your chapter’s financial vice president (FVP). They should be able to answer any question as it relates to chapter dues or other chapter related costs.

Q: Who invoices members’ Armatic accounts for facility fees?
A: Each chapter with a local facility advisory committee (LFAC) is assigned a housing and facilities manager who works at International Headquarters (IH) for the FMC. This employee handles billing all chapter member’s facility fees, based upon that member’s status (resident, non-resident, new member).

Q: Who do I contact about issues with my housing fees or if I need an extension on a payment due date?
A: Contact your chapter’s facilities manager at

Decor and Design

Q: Who is ultimately responsible for the design and decoration of the facility?
A: The FMC is responsible for the design and décor associated with any FMC-managed facility.

Q: Who hires any decorator, designer, architect, contractor, etc. for the facility?
A: The FMC hires appropriate parties to decorate/update any FMC-managed facility.