Eta Omicron Chapter charter members at Installation, 2015.

Eta Omicron Chapter (Ohio)

Eta Omicron Chapter was installed at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, on November 22, 2015.

Eta Omicron held not only their first Moonball tournament, but their first-ever philanthropy event since joining our sisterhood in 2015. They were thrilled to raise $1,700 for Girls on the Run (GOTR) and put a fun twist on the event. "The Color Run 5K inspired us," Public Relations Vice President Rachel Randall (Ohio) shared. The chapter followed that inspiration and incorporated colored powder into their kickball tournament. Every time a player reached a base, they had the powder thrown on them, so everyone was covered in color by the end of the tournament.

Gamma Phi Beta members had a blast throwing the powder, coaching teams and ensuring the event ran smoothly. Philanthropy Chairwoman Serena VerWeire (Ohio) said, "My favorite part was seeing it all come together and how much fun everyone had. Not only did the people who participated have a ton of fun, but our chapter members loved it. Seeing the smiles on all their faces made it worth the work."

Rachel believes the event went smoothly because they planned everything in advance and stayed very organized. While it was fun to get creative, they had to be sure to stay on top of planning. Sticking to deadlines allowed Eta Omicron to add a few fun extras to their kickball tournament. Serena explained how they put together a raffle for two full-course meals at a local restaurant and had gill cards for the winning teams.

The Crescent asked what advice the women who executed the event had for other chapters planning their own Moonball events, and Rachel said, "I recommend that everyone remember the event is supposed to be fun for the players and the Gamma Phi Betas who are running it! While competition is fun, we can't forget we are there to raise money for Girls on the Run."

Even after a successful event, the chapter wants to improve their Moonball tournament for next year. "Our goals for next year are to get additional groups on campus involved as well as raise more money to donate,” Serena said.

They are also planning on getting more involved with Girls on the Run. The chapter is looking into volunteering for Girls on the Run at local middle school sites and attending the GOTR 5Ks in Columbus, Ohio.

Excerpt from the winter 2017 issue of The Crescent, page 8.