Gamma Phi Gives Day Social Media Resources

Take this content and make it your own since you know the best way to talk to your followers and friends. We encourage you to use pictures and graphics to enhance your posts. You can find specific Gamma Phi Gives Day graphics below. Please hashtag all your posts with #GammaPhiGives so we can track its progress throughout the 24 hours and participate in any online conversation. Also, feel free to tag Gamma Phi Beta’s official accounts in your post!

Sample posts

Save the Date (Between now and March 18): 

Save the date for Gamma Phi Gives Day, 9 a.m. to 4:14 p.m. MT on March 19 and 20! Let’s see how much we can raise in 1,874 minutes for our True and Constant sisterhood! #GammaPhiGives

I’m a Gamma Phi Gives Day Ambassador because [INSERT YOUR GAMMA PHI WHY]! Who’s joining me to support the Gamma Phi Beta Foundation on March 19 and 20? #GammaPhiGives

Every member of [CHAPTER NAME] was able to attend educational programs because of donations to Gamma Phi Beta Foundation. That’s why I am supporting Gamma Phi Gives Day on March 19 and 20 #GammaPhiGives

Join me on #GammaPhiGives Day because the money raised supports our True and Constant sisterhood! Gamma Phi Betas will rally together on March 19-20 to raise funds for scholarships and grants for our sisters in need!

Who’s in for #GammaPhiGives Day on March 19-20? All funds raised in 1,874 minutes will go to supporting sisters and securing the next 150 years of our sisterhood! 

March 19-20 

Today’s the day! Will you join me in making a meaningful gift to the Gamma Phi Beta Foundation? #GammaPhiGives

Your gift, your choice! What will you choose to donate to today? #GammaPhiGives

It’s #GammaPhiGives Day! I’m making a gift because [INSERT YOUR GAMMA PHI WHY]!

Gamma Phi Beta has made a difference in my life because [INSERT YOUR GAMMA PHI WHY]. That’s why I’m making a gift on Gamma Phi Gives Day! #GammaPhiGives

I’m making a gift because [INSERT YOUR GAMMA PHI WHY]! What’s your #GammaPhiGives Day reason for giving?

Calling all [INSERT CHAPTER] sisters! Let’s show up for #GammaPhiGives Day and support our True and Constant sisterhood!

I am supporting [CHAPTER NAME] with a gift to #GammaPhiGives Day. Join me [INSERT YOUR GIVING LINK]

Join me in supporting Gamma Phi Beta sisters! I’m giving because [INSERT YOUR GAMMA PHI WHY]! #GammaPhiGives

Wow! Gamma Phis have shown up for #GammaPhiGives Day! There’s still time to make your gift!

We’re in the last few hours! Have you made your #GammaPhiGives gift yet? [INSERT UNIQUE LINK]

Tip: Make sure you’re including your unique giving link at the end of your posts!

  • Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter: Paste your unique giving link directly into your post’s text.
  • Instagram: Add your unique giving link to your bio and include “Link in bio” at the end of your posts’ text or direct followers to in your text.

Gamma Phi Beta’s official social media accounts will also be posting throughout the day. Feel free to share our content on your accounts in lieu of creating your own!  

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