BEDI Summit: Frequently Asked Questions

Just like in-person events, professional virtual events take time and resources to plan. We incur expenses to contract top-notch keynote speakers, record professional video footage and produce a quality final virtual event. These expenses are in addition to hours of staff time that go into planning and organizing an event of this nature.  

  • A companion guide
  • Keynote speaker session(s)
  • Live question-and-answer sessions with keynote speaker(s)
  • Belonging, equity, diversity and inclusion education
  • Resources to support post-event learning and action

  • Laptop, tablet or smartphone to access event content
  • Wi-Fi
  • Meals

Since the inaugural event in 2021, the BEDI Summit has adapted its educational focus and program structure annually based on attendee feedback. Attendee feedback from the 2022 BEDI Summit indicated that a two-day event created attendance barriers for working members, members with familial responsibilities, members with weekend religious observances and more. The 2023 BEDI Summit was adapted in response to this feedback to feature a half-day of programming at a time indicated by attendees as having fewer attendance barriers. This plan will continue in 2024. Reducing the event schedule also decreased financial barriers by reducing event production costs and registration fees.  

  • A stable Wi-Fi connection and a private place that you can focus.
  • A notebook and pen to write down all your new ideas, tips and tools to take back to your chapter.
  • Beverages and snacks to keep you focused.
  • An open mind and lots of questions!

Attire for the day is casual. Please plan on wearing clothes that will allow you to be comfortable. You will not be on camera during the summit.

The BEDI Summit is an educational event. This means that the event focuses on providing BEDI skills, frameworks and concepts that members of our sisterhood can use to create BEDI change. The BEDI Summit education does not focus on position-specific skills (i.e., trainings for specific officer or volunteer roles).  

Member voices were included in the 2024 BEDI Summit primarily through the data gathered from the 2023 BEDI Summit assessments. This includes feedback from more than 500 attendees who completed the 2022 BEDI Summit learning assessments and more than 300 attendees who completed the post-event assessment. Additional insight was gained from Gamma Phi Beta volunteers, staff, collegians and the BEDI specialist team. 

Additionally, member voices were also integrated into event programming. You will hear stories from Gamma Phi Beta collegians and alumnae throughout BEDI Summit programming, including but not limited to content provided during the welcome and Gamma Phi Beta panel portions of the event schedule. 

Yes. We are recording the event and registered attendees will have access to the event for 30 days post event. 

Attendees of the BEDI Summit are encouraged to provide feedback via the learning assessments provided in their companion guides as well as the overall event assessment that will be emailed to attendees following the event.  

Members are encouraged to provide BEDI feedback that extends beyond the scope of BEDI Summit education throughout the year by sharing feedback with their chapter advisors, volunteer supervisors or BEDI specialists, completing assessments for member programs, engaging in Sorority business before and during Convention, nominating members for leadership on International Council and more. 

Please contact Director of Conferences and Meetings Page Adams with any additional questions.

Registration FAQs

Please ensure you are utilizing the Chrome search engine to register. If you are having issues logging in with your username and password, click this link to recover your credentials. If you continue to experience issues, email for assistance with your login information.

Yes! Please feel free to share with them for more information. They will need to register as a Friend of Gamma Phi Beta. Please see the next question for the direct link to register. 

Click here to register without a Gamma Phi Beta member number. We can’t wait to host you as a friend of Gamma Phi Beta.

You will receive a confirmation code once you have submitted registration information for all required attendees. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folders. If you did not receive a confirmation code, please contact Director of Conferences and Meetings Page Adams.

All BEDI Summit attendees will receive a companion guide that includes information and interactive activities from the BEDI Summit. You will be able to access a recording of the summit for 30 days post event.  

Collegiate Chapter FAQs

Apply for a BEDI registration scholarship. Chapters should fill out only one form per chapter to apply for scholarship to cover the $250 chapter registration. Individuals requesting a scholarship should fill out a form on their own behalf.  

All submissions are due by Friday, January 26, 2024. Selected recipients will be notified by Wednesday, January 31, 2024. 

All participants are expected to participate in the BEDI Summit from their own unique device. Doing so enables attendees to participate fully in all elements of the BEDI Summit and allows us to track participation. 

Yes. We set up this year’s registration so that one collegiate member can register for their entire chapter. Please designate one executive council member to collect the names and emails of all required attendees before attempting to register for the event. This designated executive council member will also need to have the chapter’s OmegaFi card information for payment. 

When your chapter registers all 10 required attendees by the close of registration on February 16, your chapter will be contacted the following week and provided a complimentary link and password for your entire chapter to access the event on Saturday, February 24.  

If a required member is unable to attend the event, please find a suitable chapter leader to attend in their place.  

Once your new officer is elected, the executive council member that registered your chapter will need to edit your chapter’s registration. 

Click here and enter the current registration email address and the confirmation number that was received when you registered. Scroll to the bottom of your confirmation page and click Modify Registration. The new registrant needs to edit any information with their correct answers. Please be sure all pertinent information is updated. 

All name changes must be submitted by Monday, February 19, 2024.

If the chapter advisor is unable to attend and you would like another advisor to be considered as a replacement, please contact your collegiate chapter supervisor or your new chapter team leader for approval. A substituted advisor should be someone who will return to the chapter and both proactively share their experience and make good use of this educational opportunity. 

International Gamma Phi Beta does not offer this option for event registrations. Chapter members are expected to use their OmegaFi debit cards to process all payments. If you have issues or questions about this, please email Director of Conferences and Meetings Page Adams to discuss. 

We are unable to accommodate attendees who have not paid their event registrations in full. Please ensure that your chapter has paid for your attendance prior to the event. You will not be provided with an access code unless you have paid.