BEDI Resources

These collected resources can supplement the personal, chapter and community work done towards making Gamma Phi Beta a more equitable, just and inclusive organization.

Gamma Phi Beta does not have a partnership or agreement with the following organizations. We cannot guarantee that the positions taken by these organizations align with the values of Gamma Phi Beta. These organizations are being shared as educational resources 


The educational resources below have been organized by different levels of understanding to allow members to select the best starting point for their journey. The resources on this webpage will be updated over time, so check back regularly.

In addition to educational resources, we have also provided resources to support our sisters in the many ways they may be experiencing this time. We encourage you to identify one or more resources you can utilize to engage in self-care.

Before you begin, remember:

  • Starting is better than doing nothing.
  • Knowing more is better than knowing less.
  • It’s not too late to learn something new.

Fundamentals of Social Justice

Are these conversations new to you? Are you curious about where to begin? Fundamentals of Social Justice is a great place to start. These resources were selected to provide foundational language, historical context and activities to help you recognize the identity you hold.

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Become a Social Justice Advocate

Are you aware of the identity you hold? Are you interested in learning how your identity impacts others? Have you engaged in conversations about race and social justice, but you want to learn more? Try the resources provided in Become a Social Justice Advocate. These resources are designed to build upon Fundamentals of Social Justice and to challenge you to dig deeper into the identity you hold and how you interact with the world around you.

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Be a Social Justice Advocate

Have you engaged in multiple conversations about race and social justice? Are you looking to put your knowledge to practice through actions and dialogue with others? The resources provided in Be a Social Justice Advocate are intended to give you the tools to engage with your community in effective and safe ways.

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Social Justice is exemplified in Gamma Phi Beta when members actively practice allyship and coalition work in order to promote equality, equity, respect and the assurance of rights within and between communities and social groups.

Anti-Racism Resources

In response to the nationwide protests surrounding the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and many other Black people, we believe that we must engage and take action to do better. Black Lives Matter. No statement is enough for us to undo the role fraternities and sororities, including our own, have historically played in explicitly and implicitly contributing to systemic racism in the United States and Canada. As an organization, we are called to make a difference in the world around us. To that end, we know that simply using our voice to amplify the message is not enough. We can and must do more.

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Sex, Gender, Gender Identity and Orientation Resources

Gamma Phi Beta is committed to moving our sisterhood toward belonging, equity, diversity and inclusion. This includes affirming, supporting and empowering members within the LGBTQIA+ community. Use the resources provided to start your learning journey and explore how you can be an ally or engage in your community. 

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Gamma Phi Beta’s commitment to creating a sisterhood that exemplifies belonging, equity, diversity and inclusion includes creating a more equitable experience for members of our community with disabilities. Use the resources here to expand your understanding of disability, find community with other disabled people, engage in allyship alongside people with disabilities and more.

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Gamma Phi Beta is committed to building a sisterhood that is educated and empowered to make actions that further belonging, equity, diversity and inclusion within chapters and within communities. Use the resources here as starting points to engage in BEDI action through individual acts of learning and disrupting inequities and/or joining larger organized movements and efforts.  

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Calendar of Observances

Use this resource to plan your chapter activities in 2023. It includes dates of religious observances, federal holidays and heritage months. This is in no way a conclusive list of observances your members may celebrate, so please work with your chapter members to ensure you are aware of any observances when planning your chapter’s calendar. 

Calendar of Observances 2024


We recognize that this is a starting point for Gamma Phi Beta as an organization to take action and create a space for members to learn about themselves and the identities of others. Is there a resource or education you would like us to share? Provide your feedback in this form. If you would like us to contact you, please include your information in your submission.