Convention Speakers

Tianna Fay Soto

Tianna is a writer, speaker and educator based in New York City. With expertise in psychology, mental health and wellness, Tianna is dedicated to empowering college students to face their journey with clarity and confidence. Her work has been featured by The United Nations Foundation, To Write Love On Her Arms, Facebook, Her Campus, Yoga Girl and Thrive Global, among others.

As a Puerto Rican, Jamaican-Chinese woman born and raised in the South in a family of New Yorkers, Tianna understands what it’s like to exist between worlds. She encourages students to honor their personal narratives and the qualities that make them unique while sharing practical guidance for mental health and wellness. Her work is heart-centered, service-driven, culturally-informed and rooted in empathy.

Tianna holds a master’s degree in psychology in education from Columbia University, where she graduated from the Spirituality Mind Body Institute (SMBI). She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and Spanish language and literature from North Carolina State University. Additionally, she is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher and mindfulness facilitator who supports diverse clients through her one-on-one coaching practice.

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