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Workforce Announcements

2018-20 Collegiate Nominating Committee Members
Upon recommendation from the 2018-20 Nominating Committee, International Council has approved the two collegiate delegates and two alternate collegiate delegates for the 2018-20 Nominating Committee. We are pleased to announce that Sloane Haines (Florida State) and Sierra Hnatiuk (James Madison) will serve as collegiate delegates and Abbigail Bennett (Northern Iowa) and Hannah Van Alstine (Denver) will serve as alternate delegates.

The Nominating Committee was pleased to have 21 applicants for the two collegiate delegate and two collegiate alternate delegate positions for the current biennium. All candidates were interviewed by members of the committee. The committee looked at the priorities of the Nominating Committee this biennium, the leadership competencies needed to meet those priorities and the strengths and opportunities for growth of each candidate. Given this review, the committee selected and recommended to IC for approval the candidates who would best accomplish our priorities using our member competencies in conjunction with the other members of the Nominating Committee. The two delegates will fully participate in the work of the committee, attending regularly-scheduled conference calls and meetings as well as conduct one-on-one conversations with alumnae interested in serving at the highest levels. The alternate delegates will be responsible for research, project work and other special projects as assigned.

The Committee looks forward to working with the collegiate members of our team this biennium and is appreciative of all collegiate and alumnae members who participated in the process whether it be through writing a letter of recommendation, making a referral, writing a comment form or applying for the position.

Tips and Tricks for Updating Your Resume
Are you looking for resume support? Or struggling to translate your Gamma Phi Beta experience? Check out this workbook for tips and tricks on how to make your resume stand out. Don’t forget to reach out to the HR Specialist Team for individualized resume support.

Coaching Corner
Tools and tips for workforce supervisors

The start of a new year is a great time to reflect on the successes and challenges your team has encountered. You may find yourself wanting to provide effective and supportive feedback to volunteers you supervise or mentor. Check out our guide for SMART Feedback and find out how you can inspire your team toward continuous improvement.

Recognition of Excellence

December 4, 2018

Alumnae Extension Specialist Mandy Radeline is an integral part of the alumnae support workforce as she is the first point of contact for any sister interested in starting an alumnae chapter. She does a wonderful job of providing insight into what alumnae chapter life is like and steering them through the extension process. We are so grateful to have Mandy on the Alumnae department team!

New Professional Staff at International Headquarters

  • Jessica Young
    FMC Housing and Facilities Manager

  • Julia Lubrick
    Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Workforce Personnel Updates

  • Natalie Albers (Valparaiso)
    Chapter Advisor, Zeta Iota Chapter (Valparaiso)

  • Laura Banks (Texas State-San Marcos)
    Panhellenic Specialist

  • Jennifer Block (Oklahoma)
    Chapter Advisor - Zeta Lambda (Texas A&M-Corpus Christi)

  • Erin Bode (Colorado-Boulder)
    Chapter Co-Advisor - Beta Rho (Colorado-Boulder)

  • Taylor Burchard (Colorado State)
    Chapter Advisor - Tau (Colorado State)

  • McKayla Burnstad (British Columbia)
    Chapter Advisor - Alpha Lambda (British Columbia)

  • Brittney Dunham (Texas Christian)
    Recruitment Supervisor

  • Ashley Heintzelman (Coastal Carolina)
    Chapter Advisor - Gamma Beta (Gettysburg)

  • Tori Hickerson (Gettysburg)
    Facility Specialist, Great Plains/Southern

  • Lauren Horrall (Southern Indiana)
    Recruitment Supervisor - Region 4

  • JJ Kaelin (Colorado-Boulder)
    Extension Committee Member at Large

  • Brittany Kelly (Minnesota-Twin Cities)
    Finance Team Leader

  • Jaclyn Laviage (Texas Christian)
    Extension Specialist

  • Peyton Lindgren (Texas A&M-Corpus Christi)
    Chapter Co-Advisor - Zeta Lambda (Texas A&M-Corpus Christi)

  • Jill Lohsen (Southern Polytechnic State)
    Chapter Advisor - Eta Kappa (Tennessee-Chattanooga)

  • Shawna Peterson (Arizona State)
    Chapter Advisor - Beta Rho (Colorado-Boulder)

  • Kathleen Ratcliff (Missouri State)
    Regional Specialist - Region 5

  • Madeline Reesor (Wisconsin-Madison)
    Finance Supervisor - Region 5

  • Sarah Rogers (Oklahoma State)
    Extension Specialist

  • Aly Straube (Iowa State)
    Chapter Advisor - Omicron (Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

  • Mary Venezia (Northern Arizona)
    Collegiate Chapter Supervisor - Region 7

  • Kara Praechter (Southeast Missouri State)
    Recruitment Supervisor - New Chapter

  • Sally Andrews (Bowling Green)
    Chapter Advisor – Alpha Nu (Wittenberg)

  • Maribeth Flakes (Bridgewater State)
    Belonging and Inclusion Task Force Co-Chair

  • Kristin O'Laughlin (Florida State)
    Finance Supervisor - Region 6

  • Ellen Malito (Indiana State)
    Regional Team Leader - Region 4

  • Jennifer Rankin (St. John’s)
    Chapter Co-Advisor – Zeta Mu (St. John’s)

  • Lisa Smith (Bradley)
    Chapter Co-Advisor – Beta Eta (Bradley)

  • Callie Tomlinson (Virginia Polytechnic)
    Chapter Advisor – Gamma Eta (California State-Long Beach)

  • Megan Tompkins (Texas-San Antonio)
    Chapter Co-Advisor – Gamma Chi (Texas State-San Marcos)

  • Sheri Voss (Bradley)
    Chapter Advisor – Beta Eta (Bradley)

Recognition of Excellence

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