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Workforce Announcements

This spring we said farewell to our outgoing 2018-19 collegiate leadership consultant (CLC) team and are excited to welcome our 2019-20 team to our staff this month. Look for our newest CLCs on the road this fall!

  • Kat Adkisson (Oregon)
  • Angela Ging (Florida State)
  • Mikaela Harman (Wichita State)
  • Charlotte Pfingsten (Minnesota State-Mankato)
  • Madyson Rigg (Eastern Washington)
  • Kaela Samek (Nebraska-Kearney)*
  • Hailey Steuer (Central Florida)*
  • Hannah Taylor (Kennesaw State)

*denotes a senior CLC

Recognition of Excellence

April 30, 2019
International Team Leader-Regional Operations Hillary Stevens (Morehead State) shared the following thank you to the regional team leaders. “Thank you for being open-minded and willing to try new ways of conducting the work of the Sorority. Thank you for the gift of your time by traveling to meetings and leadership conferences. Thank you for working to make Gamma Phi Beta the best that it can be.”

To echo Hillary, thank you Tanya LaRochelle (Miami-Florida), Nerissa Rouzer (Virginia), Kelly Boerner (Lander), Ellen Malito (Indiana State), Mary Jo Silsby (Oklahoma City), Stefanie Brickman (Oklahoma), Betsie Reynolds (Chapman) and Jessica Budzianowski (College of Idaho).

“Both Lindsay Healless (Wisconsin-Milwaukee) and Lori Scheeter (Southeast Missouri) go above and beyond to help and support Zeta Delta Chapter (Southeast Missouri). They have encouraged members to step out of their comfort zone in their chapter positions and showed constant love and support. Without their support, Zeta Delta Chapter wouldn't be the same!” – President Johanna Franke (Southeast Missouri)

“Alicia O’Connell (Nebraska-Kearney) and Shauna Butts (Texas A&M-Corpus Christi) take their important role seriously in determining membership status outcomes for both collegiate and alumnae members. Their thoughtful review and consideration of each file is key to making the best decision for both the member and the organization.” – Membership Review Committee Chairwoman Elena Wagner (McGill)

April 10, 2019
“Gia Baillie (Florida Southern College), Eta Beta Chapter is so lucky to have you! Thank you for all the hard work and love you have poured into our chapter. We are so grateful for you and all you have done to ensure that our dreams become a reality!” – Anya Larson (Florida Southern College)

“Lisa Spencer (Bowling Green) is such an amazing financial advisor! She is caring, knowledgeable and kind, and everyone feels comfortable going to her with any questions or concerns. Lisa attends every chapter meeting so she can be available to talk and helps us so much!” – Jenna Cambilargiu (California-Santa Barbara)

Workforce Personnel Updates

  • Emma Ahrendsen (Colorado-Boulder)
    Risk and Policy Specialist-Investigative Team and Recruitment Specialist

  • Gia Ballie (Florida Southern College)
    Chapter Advisor, Eta Beta Chapter (Florida Southern)

  • Alexis Bernstein (Union)
    Collegiate Chapter Supervisor

  • Katelyn Blow (Central Florida)
    Chapter Advisor, Epsilon Zeta Chapter (Jacksonville)

  • Dexter Bush-Scott
    Belonging and Inclusion Task Force Member

  • Stephanie Crudele (Bentley)
    Risk and Policy Specialist-Investigative Team

  • Christine Farrell (Syracuse)
    Risk and Policy Specialist-Investigative Team

  • Jenna Fredericksen (Minnesota-Twin Cities)
    Risk and Policy Specialist

  • Kimberly Friese (Georgia)
    Chapter Advisor, Delta Upsilon Chapter (Georgia)

  • Elizabeth Hollis-Lehner (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
    Risk and Policy Specialist-Investigative Team Member

  • Jana Jones (Texas Tech)
    Recruitment Supervisor

  • Paige Mans (Wichita State)
    Chapter Co-Advisor, Beta Chi Chapter (Wichita State)

  • Kerry McCarthy (Wisconsin-Oshkosh)
    Risk and Policy Specialist-Investigative Team Member

  • Jenna McDonald (Wichita State)
    Finance Supervisor

  • Carlyn Pentzien (Creighton)
    Chapter Advisor, Epsilon Delta Chapter (Creighton)

  • Katherine Pezzella (Colgate)
    Extension Committee Member

  • Lynnette Phillips (North Dakota)
    Belonging and Inclusion Task Force Member

  • Jennifer Rankin (St. John's)
    Chapter Advisor, Zeta Mu Chapter (St. John's)

  • Emilie Russell (Bridgewater State)
    Chapter Co-Advisor, Epsilon Phi Chapter (Bridgewater State)

  • Kelly Sandeen (Arizona)
    Chapter Co-Advisor, Alpha Epsilon Chapter (Arizona)

  • Jesslyn Savage (Bridgewater State)
    Collegiate Chapter Supervisor

  • Tracy Stack (Florida State)
    Collegiate Chapter Supervisor-New Chapter Team

  • Serina Taylor (Kansas State)
    Chapter Advisor, Eta Sigma Chapter (Central Missouri)

  • Caitlyn Zang (California State-Fullerton)
    Risk and Policy Specialist-Investigative Team

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