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Workforce Announcements

Happy Volunteer and Advisor Appreciation Month
April is volunteer and advisor appreciation month and we want to share your stories and appreciation. You can acknowledge a member of our volunteer workforce, a team or department for their leadership. Selected nominees will be featured here and across social media with highlights of their accomplishments. For questions, please contact Human Resources. Check out even more workforce recognition by following our International President Annabel Jones (Oklahoma) on Facebook.

Say Thank You

Would you like to recognize a workforce member, team or department? Use our online form to give thanks! Selected nominees will be featured here on Gamma Phi Beta’s Workforce News with highlights of their accomplishments and your kind words. For questions, please contact Human Resources.

Recognition of Excellence

April 10, 2019
“Gia Baillie (Florida Southern College), Eta Beta Chapter is so lucky to have you! Thank you for all the hard work and love you have poured into our chapter. We are so grateful for you and all you have done to ensure that our dreams become a reality!” – Anya Larson (Florida Southern College)

April 9, 2019
“Lisa Spencer (Bowling Green) is such an amazing financial advisor! She is caring, knowledgeable and kind, and everyone feels comfortable going to her with any questions or concerns. Lisa attends every chapter meeting so she can be available to talk and helps us so much!” – Jenna Cambilargiu (California-Santa Barbara)

April 8, 2019
President CJ Fennell (Florida Institute of Technology) sent us the following thank you to their Chapter Advisor Chantelle Peddycord on behalf of Delta Sigma Chapter, “Chantelle Peddycord (Florida Institute of Technology), we appreciate you and all you do for us so much. We can't begin to imagine what we would do without your constant support and kindness. You're always there to lend a helping hand and all of us on executive council know that you always have our backs. Thank you for all that you do behind the scenes to keep us motivated and goal oriented.”

April 8, 2019
Thank you, Chapter Advisor Carly Pentzien (Creighton)!
“Thank you for showing constant support and positivity to our chapter! Though most of your hard work is behind the scenes, it definitely does not go unappreciated. All 180 women of Epsilon Delta Chapter always have your back like you have ours!” – Sammy Cho (Creighton)

April 2, 2019
"Candice Kuzov (Texas A&M-Commerce), thank you for being so selfless and volunteering at the Coppell Panhellenic event this past March. You juggle so many priorities in your life, such as being an advisor for Alpha Xi Chapter (Southern Methodist), working as a web developer for an advertising agency and being a mother of two small children. I admire your energy and can-do attitude!" – Paula Rhea (Southern Methodist)

March 22, 2019
In order to ensure chapter success, the following workforce members have gone above and beyond to create and facilitate virtual officer trainings, known as Officer 201s, throughout the spring semester. We are so thankful for the hard work and dedication of these workforce members to provide guidance and discuss best practices of the following topics.

  • New Member Claim Account Process – Database Coordinator Margery Richter
  • Ex-Officio Board Members and AHCs and LFACs – AHC Manager Joel Saslaw
  •  Moonball – Director of Marketing Teresa Tisserat, Philanthropy Team Leader Addie Shake and Philanthropy Team Leader Katie Musil
  • Secondary Philanthropy Events and Building Strong Girls – Director of Marketing Teresa Tisserat, Building Strong Girls Specialist Caitlin Drummy and Moonball Specialist-Region 6 Ashley Yee
  • Risk Management for Events – Managing Director of Risk and Policy Kat Cobb and Director of Chapter Services Samantha Keltner
  • Matching, Continuous Open Bidding and Evaluating your Recruitment Results – Recruitment Team Leader-Resources Pamela Applegate
  • New Member Education – Education Manager Shana Makos
  • Prepaid Cards – Chapter Finance Manager Katie Cook

Workforce Personnel Updates

  • Emma Ahrendsen (Colorado-Boulder)
    Risk and Policy Specialist-Investigative Team and Recruitment Specialist

  • Gia Ballie (Florida Southern College)
    Chapter Advisor, Eta Beta Chapter (Florida Southern)

  • Alexis Bernstein (Union)
    Collegiate Chapter Supervisor

  • Katelyn Blow (Central Florida)
    Chapter Advisor, Epsilon Zeta Chapter (Jacksonville)

  • Dexter Bush-Scott
    Belonging and Inclusion Task Force Member

  • Stephanie Crudele (Bentley)
    Risk and Policy Specialist-Investigative Team

  • Christine Farrell (Syracuse)
    Risk and Policy Specialist-Investigative Team

  • Jenna Fredericksen (Minnesota-Twin Cities)
    Risk and Policy Specialist

  • Kimberly Friese (Georgia)
    Chapter Advisor, Delta Upsilon Chapter (Georgia)

  • Elizabeth Hollis-Lehner (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
    Risk and Policy Specialist-Investigative Team Member

  • Jana Jones (Texas Tech)
    Recruitment Supervisor

  • Paige Mans (Wichita State)
    Chapter Co-Advisor, Beta Chi Chapter (Wichita State)

  • Kerry McCarthy (Wisconsin-Oshkosh)
    Risk and Policy Specialist-Investigative Team Member

  • Jenna McDonald (Wichita State)
    Finance Supervisor

  • Carlyn Pentzien (Creighton)
    Chapter Advisor, Epsilon Delta Chapter (Creighton)

  • Katherine Pezzella (Colgate)
    Extension Committee Member

  • Lynnette Phillips (North Dakota)
    Belonging and Inclusion Task Force Member

  • Jennifer Rankin (St. John's)
    Chapter Advisor, Zeta Mu Chapter (St. John's)

  • Emilie Russell (Bridgewater State)
    Chapter Co-Advisor, Epsilon Phi Chapter (Bridgewater State)

  • Kelly Sandeen (Arizona)
    Chapter Co-Advisor, Alpha Epsilon Chapter (Arizona)

  • Jesslyn Savage (Bridgewater State)
    Collegiate Chapter Supervisor

  • Tracy Stack (Florida State)
    Collegiate Chapter Supervisor-New Chapter Team

  • Serina Taylor (Kansas State)
    Chapter Advisor, Eta Sigma Chapter (Central Missouri)

  • Caitlyn Zang (California State-Fullerton)
    Risk and Policy Specialist-Investigative Team

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