Strategic Plan

The Gamma Phi Beta strategic plan is our vision for the future. Our plan is our path forward, outlining the goals and objectives we will collectively work together to achieve over the next five years and beyond. 

The following outlines the goals and objectives that Gamma Phi Beta's workforce of staff and volunteers are working to achieve. Examples of strategies in each goal are provided to give you a snapshot of the work that will be accomplished in the 2017-18 fiscal year. Check back quarterly for updates on our progress in each area of our strategic plan. 

Goal: Build a Member Experience that Reflects the Best Gamma Phi Beta

Objectives under this goal are: 

  • Provide a quality member experience for our collegians.
  • Provide a quality member experience for our alumnae.
  • Create a culture of local volunteer empowerment.

The collective Gamma Phi Beta workforce is executing strategies in this area including:

  •  Provide support to all collegiate chapters through collegiate leadership consultant (CLC) visits.
  • Provide quality collegiate officer education and training. 
  • Increase alumnae touchpoints via social media, email, the website and other virtual methods.
  • Develop recruiting and onboarding practices to educate local volunteers about Gamma Phi Beta.

Accomplishments in this area include new pages on for alumnae members; increased social media posts targeted to alumnae members; the creation of an Alumnae Chapter Task Force to study the alumnae chapter experience; the creation of alumnae engagement initiatives targeted at young alumnae and 50- and 75-year members; the creation of an initiation anniiverary communication plan; a revised new member program; REAL Relationships programming integrated into Fidelity programming; existing advisor training resourcecs have been audited and needs for future resources have been identified; the creation of an academic philosophy as well as a revised academic program; officer training webinars transitioned to 20 online modules; and updated Fidelity member education programming: created online lessons for Personal PR and Social Media, Building Strong Girls; Diversity and Inclusion. 

Goal: Expand the Influence of Building Strong Girls

Objectives under this goal are: 

  • Be recognized as a philanthropic leader among NPC organizations.
  • Build member affinity to Building Strong Girls.

The collective Gamma Phi Beta workforce is executing strategies in this area including:

  • Build member affinity to Building Strong Foster philanthropic interest by communicating philanthropy-inspired stories through traditional and digital marketing efforts monthly.
  • Increase support to chapters in implementing and maximizing their Moonball efforts. 
  • Strengthen collegiate and alumnae chapter relationships/involvement with Girls on the Run. 

Accomplishments in this area include the addition of Moonball specialists to provide increased support to our collegiate chapters; the creation of a Building Strong Girls specialist volunteer position to strengthen relationships and involvement with Girls on the Run; the creation of a communications plan to communicate philanthropy-inspired stories to our members; and a new fundraising platform for chapters to aid in Moonball efforts. 

Goal: Develop and Execute a Strategic Governance Culture and Resources

Objectives under this goal are:

  • Establish the necessary workforce structure to actualize the governance model.
  • Provide training and resources that empower workforce operations.

The collective Gamma Phi Beta workforce is executing strategies in this area including:

  • Utilize transition committee of workforce members to provide ongoing evaluation and development of positive and transparent relationships among volunteer leaders and staff.
  • Develop workforce communication plan to encourage engagement and knowledge of Gamma Phi Beta at every level. 
  •  Educate FSAs about educational program offerings through establishing Back to School Newsletters. 

Accomplishments in this area include the creation and distribution of a Back to School Newsletter to campus fraternity/sorority advisors; continued work of the transition committee to evaluate workforce processes and communication; continued department transition meetings with workforce team members that foster communication and collaboration on our teams; developed a learning philosophy; Revised REAL relationships to be for overall mentoring, not just for Big and Little Sisters; created and implemented an advising philosophy; and chapter advisors are being incorporated into our volunteer onboarding program, with more onboarding specialists on the team.

Goal: Ensure the Sustainability and Growth of the Sorority

Objectives under this goal are:

  • Build and maintain revenue streams that are dependable, predictable, sustainable and controllable.
  • Develop and maintain appropriate technological solutions to meet/anticipate Sorority needs.
  • Grow Gamma Phi Beta membership numbers, recruitment strength and image. 
  • Strategically grow the organization. 
  • Provide physical infrastructure to support collaborative workforce and operations.
  • Develop and implement a risk-assessment culture.

The collective Gamma Phi Beta workforce is executing strategies in this area including:

  • Assessment of current revenue streams and opportunities for growth.
  • Provide central IT support for all member-utilized software.
  • Provide specialized CLC support to chapters with significant COB needs. 
  • Conduct a review of Sorority Growth strategy annually with International Council to determine number of projects to fund in the next fiscal year.
  • Utilize financial information to evaluate current growth opportunities.
  • Plan and implement risk culture changes.

Accomplishments in this area include the creation of an IT customer support position on staff; the creation of and use of a Sorority Growth criteria rubric to evaluate all new extension opportunities consistently and using data; an enhanced and more transparent budget creation process; Beta Base enhancements for the 2017-18 academic year, including enhanced mobile functionality; and the creation of a Finance Committee.