Start a New Collegiate Chapter

The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) Extension Committee will assist any campus wishing to add a NPC chapter or establish a Panhellenic system or any local sorority wishing to affiliate with a national organization. 

On a campus with an existing Panhellenic, the Panhellenic votes with a unanimous/majority result to invite another sorority to campus. Once the decision is made to invite an organization to campus, NPC notifies the 26 NPC organizations of the opportunity, and necessary measures are taken by interested sororities to start the extension process. 

There are many factors that determine whether a campus needs another sorority including:
  • Number of women not placed during regular recruitment 
  • Number of women interested in the Greek experience 
  • Housing availability and/or requirements 
  • Determining if existing groups are at maximum size 

This protocol is based on binding agreements followed by all 26 NPC member groups.

Please contact us for more information or clarification, or check out the National Panhellenic Conference website, for detailed polices on the extension process.

We are thrilled you are interested in Gamma Phi Beta Sorority!