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Moving abroad is an exciting time, full of new

adventures, new friends andnewchallenges. But

however ready one canbe to embrace the new,

there is nothing quite like a bit of home.

So in2014, whenmy fellowcollegiate sister

EmilieWalker (BritishColumbia) contactedme

to letme knowshewasmoving toLondon, I

was overjoyed. I hadbeen living inLondon for

sixmonths or so, andwas settling inwell. All the

same, it wouldbe awelcome addition tomy life of

new tohave someone fromhome in town aswell.

Always the entrepreneur, Emilie approached

mewith the idea of reaching out viaLinkedIn

towomenwhowere based inLondon andhad

GammaPhi listedon their profiles. Inno time

at all, she built up an email list of alumnae, all

of whomwere eager to connect andmissed the

sisterhood that other alumnae had through

chapters at home.

We startedwith aFacebook group and a

small gathering over appetizers, and fromthere

our alumnae sisterhoodhas grown.We’ve cooked

brunch together, celebratedFoundersDay a few

times, attended countless rugbymatches (thanks

to one among uswho is an enthusiast!) and

wewere finally installed as anofficial alumnae

chapter on June 5, 2016. Todatewe have 19

members, and everyweekmorewomen joinour

Facebook group fromnear and far in theUK,

eager to reconnect with a bit of home.

But it’s not just a feeling of home thatmakes

me appreciate our ongoing sisterhood. Each time

I go to a dinner or see a showwith these ladies,

I’mremindedof what remarkablewomen are in

our sisterhood. Fromsisterswho are changing

theworld innonprofits, to those developing

exciting careers infinance or law, to thosewho

are keeping us all Zenby completing their yoga

teacher training, thesewomen are inspirational.

They remindme that whereverwe are in the

world, GammaPhi Betas are confident women

of characterwho celebrate sisterhood andmake a

difference in theworld around them.


Pascale Schittecatte



Alumnae Chapter Profile

To join the UK Alumnae Chapter, search

“Gamma Phi Beta UK Alumnae” on Facebook

or email

From left to right: Alumnae Chapter President Emilie

Walker (British Columbia), Vice President Pascale

Schittecatte (British Columbia) and Treasurer Nia Murrell

(Pepperdine), at the chapter installation in June.

Sisters enjoying the swings near Oxford Circus.

Sonia Slavinski (California-Riverside) and Melissa

Manikowski (Syracuse) celebrating the UK Alumnae

Chapter Installation.