We often get to the end of a year and wonder where the heck it went. What do you remember about last year? Can you remember what you accomplished or how you made a difference for your chapter or at your workplace? What new things did you learn in 2017?

American philosopher John Dewey once said, “We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on that experience.” This year prepare to reflect on your leadership experience at the end of 2018. Keeping three simple lists during the next 12 months will allow you to learn and grow as a member of Gamma Phi Beta and as a leader.

Skills List – Every time you learn a new skill you should write it down. It might be as simple as using Beta Base or as complicated as understanding conflict resolution, but every skill counts. Are you attending a Gamma Phi Beta or work conference this year? Write down all the things you take away from those events. Keeping a list of skills you learn will help you better retain that skill and will make updating your résumé a piece of cake!

People List – You would be surprised how many people can have an impact in your life in just 12 months. As you make your way through 2018 keep track of people who really encouraged you, challenged you or believed in you. Wouldn’t it be great to have a list so you can thank those people at the end of the year? This list will also help you reflect on the relationships in your life and identify the ones that mean the most to you. 

Impact List – Where are you making a difference? What did you do that impacted someone or something? During 2018 maintain a running list of ways you are affecting and changing your world. It might be a random act of kindness, implementing a new event at your chapter, helping a sister in a tough spot or donating your time to a worthy cause. It is important to see that your actions and leadership really do make a difference.

With a fresh new year under way now is the perfect time to start lists of your own!