As Gamma Phi Beta members prepare to enter the workforce after graduation, it is important to remember that Gamma Phi Beta’s Core Values can continue to be a guiding force in your life even after you leave college. Applying Gamma Phi Beta’s four Core Values to your professional life can help you continue to be a responsible, ethical and authentic lifelong leader.

Love: Find a profession you can fall in love with. Figure out what you are most passionate about, then set goals to help you succeed. Continue to build confident women of character in your workplace and know that you are a part of the big picture. With all life throws at you in this new chapter, do it all with love and compassion. In a world of so much hate, be the person to spread kindness and light.               

Labor: Finally working in your field of study is exciting and nerve-racking. Be actively involved in the workplace, build relationships with your co-workers and pursue projects that you are passionate about. Remember that your affiliation with your company or workplace does not end when you leave the office. Just like Gamma Phi, you are connected to the organization you work for and you represent them even when you are not on the clock

Learning: Now is the time to take the years of studying and the skills you learned in school and apply them to your everyday life. Since you no longer have to worry about large exams or thesis papers, focus on achieving greatness within your professional position. You can stretch yourself in other ways such as striving for a promotion, joining a committee or even landing the career of your dreams. When navigating life outside of college, take some time for personal development as well. You may find you have time to join a book club, take up a new hobby or volunteer with a nonprofit organization.

Loyalty: As your professional life starts, do not forget to stay connected with your personal values. Remember to take the time for the things that are most important to you. Stay loyal to yourself and to your values. Stay connected to Gamma Phi Beta by joining an alumnae chapter in your area or volunteering at the local or international level. Staying connected with your Gamma Phi Beta sisters will keep our Core Values rooted in your mind and in everything you do.

Gamma Phi Beta’s four Core Values aren’t just for four years, they truly are meant for a lifetime!

Laura Hoffman (North Carolina-Asheville): Laura is a senior mass communications major and health and wellness promotion minor at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Since joining Gamma Phi Beta in the fall of 2014, Laura has held many positions in Epsilon Psi Chapter including her favorite position, membership vice president. Laura can be seen in the school’s gym on any given day, at any crazy hour or in the drive-thru line at Chick-fil-A. She is excited to share her knowledge of Gamma Phi Beta during her last year as a collegiate member.