Held in non-Convention years, the REAL Leadership Conference brings collegiate chapter executive boards together from different chapters in the same geographic area together for a weekend of inspiring and interactive workshops, professional speakers, roundtable discussions and unique networking opportunities. Though these conferences are typically for Executive Council members, the resources are available to all sisters!

I was fortunate to attend the REAL Leadership Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. While I was there, my executive council and I learned a lot about leading our chapter. We utilized the Leadership Compass to discover our own leadership styles and discuss how to work best with the leadership styles of others on our team and in our chapter. The Leadership Compass shows you how your leadership style operates at its best and under stress. After learning about my leadership style through this activity, I find myself thinking about ways I can improve as a leader every day, while focusing on strengths that I can bring my chapter, job and classes, too. You can determine your own style by taking the quiz found here, in the IRL: Leading the Way worksheets.

As a sister of Gamma Phi Beta, your leadership opportunities are endless and begin upon your acceptance of your bid! As many as you have probably already discovered, Gamma Phi will give back to you, so long as you put in the effort to make a positive difference within your chapter. Making a positive difference does not have to be a task as difficult as serving on executive council, as you can make positive impacts on your chapter by simply showing up to meeting with a bright smile, attending philanthropy events with goals in mind, offering a helping hand when needed on your committees and much more.

Leadership events aren’t just for your executive council. Gamma Phi Beta provides development opportunities for even the newest of members. The REAL Leadership Experience is a four-day intensive leadership event modeled after our leadership event for chapter presidents – the REAL Leadership Academy – but was developed for emerging leaders who are ready to take the next step in their leadership journey. The REAL Leadership Experience is a place for emerging leaders to shine, dream big, take chances, examine their innermost selves and learn the principles of REAL Leadership that they can apply in their chapters, careers and communities. Gamma Phi Beta Emerging Leaders are first or second year members who have the desire and potential to make a difference in their chapters and their communities. If you are looking to learn more or apply, you should reach out to other sisters who applied themselves or have been fortunate enough to go! Have the conversation with your chapter, which may encourage your other sisters to apply as well! 

How are you trying to enhance your leadership skills? Are you aware of all of the resources Gamma Phi Beta can provide you with? If you have unanswered questions or ideas, check out GammaPhiBeta.org or reach out to your sisters, who may be able to provide more tips than you think!  

By Danielle Dupuis (Bridgewater State)

In Spring 2015, Danielle joined the Epsilon Eta Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta at Bridgewater State University as a freshman. Danielle currently serves as administrative vice president. As a psychology major with minors in public relations and inclusive special education/communication disorders, Danielle hopes to work in Higher Education Administration. Danielle is actively involved on campus as the Student Government President, an orientation leader and manager of student life social media (BSUlife), among other involvements. Within her leadership roles Danielle enjoys goal-setting, list-making, honesty, striving to be dependable and finding ways to better herself and others daily. Danielle loves traveling, spending her days the beach (she lives 10 minutes away from the East coast), reading and working out. She loves getting to know others and making connections, so feel free to reach out to her!