After weeks of all-nighters and endless cups of coffee, the end of the school year is finally in sight. If you don’t already have plans, it may be tempting to sit back and indulge in a few seasons of Netflix, but now is the perfect time to set yourself up for a productive spring break!


Ever heard of an alternative spring break? These chartered trips allow students to travel in groups to areas needing aid or volunteer work. Panhellenic communities commonly offer volunteer trips, so get in touch with your chapter Panhellenic Affairs Vice President for more information.

If you are staying home this spring break, Volunteer Match lets you search for opportunities in your area like volunteering in a hospital’s gift shop or restocking at the local food bank. Not only do these opportunities look great to potential employers, but they’re fulfilling and you’ll return to classes knowing you made a great impact in your community or abroad.

Search for Jobs and Internships

Start looking for those summer jobs now and save yourself the stress come May. Have a mentor or your campus's resource center look over your resume and apply to any positions you want that are open. Make a list and due dates for applications. Check out your university’s employment page or employment resource office for on campus jobs and undergraduate opportunities. 

Catch Up or Study Ahead

If you know you’re taking a notoriously difficult class for your major this semester, take the extra time to review the material or get a jump start on your final paper outline. Reach out to friends in your major to see if anyone has any old notes they’re willing to lend you. If you haven’t already, schedule an appointment with your advisor to start planning for your fall schedule. 

Set Your Goals

It’s time to break out the glue gun and get crafty! Create a vision board for the rest of the semester and summer break. Set both long and short term goals. Be sure to make them attainable and use numbers so it can be measured. For example, I’ll schedule at least six hours to study every week. Download an app like Greek Study or log the hours in your planner to keep track of your progress. 

Spring Clean

Coming home for break means lugging your wardrobe with you. Sit down and go through items that you rarely wear anymore or have seen better days. Box up your winter clothes and get ready for spring. Sell items in good condition for extra cash. Donate the rest of what you can and head back to school with a lighter suitcase! The tiny dorm room closet will thank you.


By Courtney Boone (George Mason)

Courtney is a junior at George Mason University and a member of the Epsilon Pi chapter. She recently transferred from community college with an associate’s degree in teaching. She is currently studying educational psychology with a dual-minor in criminology and legal studies. One day, she hopes to become either a school psychologist or an attorney. Courtney also works as a staff writer for Her Campus GMU and represents her chapter of Gamma Phi on the Junior Panhellenic council.


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